Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



Two nights ago, Felicity didn't listen to the many times Daddy and Mommy said not to do it and she did it. During her bedtime book reading, she chose to play and bounce around and then opted to touch the light bulb of the lamp in the girls' room, which had been on for over an hour, with her right index finger. Naturally, many tears and screams ensued. I ran her hand under cold water though she didn't appreciate that and kept trying to pull her hand away and bury it in her clothes, in mine, anywhere. Fortunately it didn't take her long to stop crying though her finger was blistering and continued to bother her. It did take a while longer than originally planned to get her asleep but so far it seems to be a minor annoyance to her.

Hopefully that will be the last time anyone touches a hot light bulb.


Cecilia holding Elizabeth:



Hell's Kitchen begins next Tuesday on FOX at 8pm EST! Yeah! I'll be up to two summer TV programs - the other being The Next Food Network Star. My choices strike me as ironically amusing as I consider myself pretty incompetent in the kitchen.


I watched two Netflix this week:

Bedtime Stories: I thought it was cute though a bit strange. The children in the film were the best part of the film though I thought the fact they were struggling with the realities of divorce and being abandoned by their father was underplayed and should have had a more serious consideration in the film, especially as Adam Sandler's character, their uncle, uses them to try to get what he wants from life when he discovers their storytime stories have strange ways of coming true. While I knew it would be a bit on the strange side with raining gumdrops and the like, I thought they went a bit too far unnecessarily with the children's mother being SO health conscience that her birthday cake for her daughter has grass on it and Sandler's boss acting worse than Monk when it comes to germs. It was an okay film with cute moments but not one I'd pay to see in theaters or buy.


Pillow Talk: I got this 1959 film mainly because I wanted to see some more of Doris Day's films. I've seen Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much, in which she was great, and The Pajama Game, which was fun. She always has a charming appeal in all of the films I've seen her in now. This is a cute romantic comedy that Ewan McGregor's and Rene Zellweger's Down with Love was based on. Day shares a phone line with a gentleman who is anything but and uses the phone constantly with all his many romances. But when he gets a look at Day, she becomes his next target. You may well imagine where this is going. The whole phone thing is outdated as I don't know anyone who shares a phone line but it was a cute film nonetheless.

I'm trying to see some of the older classic actresses films. I've watched several Audrey hepburn. I've been trying to watch more Doris Day and Bette Davis, whose Now, Voyager I absolutely love.


Have you ever gotten so into more than one book that, when you have a moment to read, you are torn on which one to pick up? When I haven't had a bad headache, that has been me. I'm really into Jane Eyre but I'm also quite interested in The Rite and I have such a hard time deciding each time I have a chance to read. I suppose it is a good problem to have though.


We are going to try to make our first homemade pizza tonight! Here's hoping it is good! Anyone have any tips or suggestions or want to share how they do theirs? What works for them? What they like to do to make it special or any ways to make it healthy without tasting like cardboard?


  1. I make homemade pizza at least once a week and it's sooo delicious!!!
    i use this recipe

    I make 1 recipe, divide it in half, save one haalf for another day or freeze it and then make 2 pizzas out of each half
    I sprinkle parm cheese, garlic powder or minced garlic, kosher salt and sometimes fresh basil on the crust before I add the sauce. Tastes esp yummy on the crust!
    I use canned spag sauce for the sauce.
    For crispy and not greasy pepperoni layer 3 paper towels on a plate, put pep on in a single layer and cover with 2-3 more paper towels. microwave for 45 sec, blot

    Sprinkling cheddar cheese with the mozz cheese adds a lot of flavor.
    My husband and I like onion, green pepper and tomatoes on ours. no need to cook them first, just dry off the tom chunks as they can make the pizza soggy

  2. Also, I make my own pizza sauce. I'll have to look up the recipe for you, it's super-easy.

  3. I love to follow this pizza recipe from Darwin Catholic. I love the nutty flavor the ground flax seed gives the dough.

    One general tip, use plenty of semolina flour to keep your pizza dough from sticking. It's a coarse-grain flour used to make pasta that resembles corn meal.

  4. domesticaecclesiaJuly 20, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    Much thanks Susan and Melanie. Melanie, I'd love to get your pizza sauce recipe. Our first attempt went well, but it was all Trader Joe bought dough, and sauce and we would like to get our own recipe down for dough and sauce. Thanks again!