Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Quick Takes


James is at a conference. I must say so far I don't think I'm doing half bad. And Felicity and Elizabeth are handling it well too. Cecilia has been another story. She misses her daddy something terrible. Yesterday, she was fine until about 3:30 and then the meltdown hit. She was crying and just repeating "I want my daddy. I miss my daddy." A ho-ho comforted her until I told her she could only have one. She said she wanted to go to bed and nothing I could do or say seemed to calm her. She improved within an hour to not crying but continued to repeat her mantra. Hope we can distract her enough until James gets back.


I got clean sheets on the girls bed and scrubbed down our tub/shower, repotted our Basil plant, played with the girls, straightened up, swept the kitchen, got a load of laundry through, cooked dinner, etc. How was I so productive AFTER James leaves, even just in the half day he wasn't here? Shhhhh.....don't tell him. (Actually it has to do with how much he spoils me.)


I am being overrun by red fuzzies! Felicity has one of these really soft blankets for her bed and it leaves red fuzzies EVERYWHERE! The laundry room looks like it was attacked by red soot sprites or something. And everything that goes into the washer or dryer becomes a victim. I need like an industrial-sized lint roller, maybe like the size of a baseball bat or something. Strike that - image of Cecilia wielding baseball bat lint roller not worth it. Anyone have any suggestions for being fuzzy free?


Pasta mystery solved. When she was one year old, Cecilia loved speghetti with tomato sauce. I have those classic pictures of her covered in tomato sauce and bits of spaghetti. Then, somewhere along the way, she stopped eating it. I tried spaghetti with butter or with a creamy cheese sauce. Nothing. Same with Felicity. It became the conspiracy against noodles. I'd never heard of a child that wouldn't eat noodles regardless of what was on them. Then, James solved the mystery. We bought rotellini pasta, the pasta that looks like little wagon wheels. Each girl ate a whole helping with the cream sauce. We tried tomato sauce and Cecilia had three bowls. Victory!


This week I watched another Doris Day film called Please Don't Eat the Daisies and another Bette Davis film called The Petrified Forest.

Please Don't Eat the Daisies was okay. I guess the title and the fact it was a Doris Day film made me think it was going to be more of a comedy. Even the description suggested as much. It has it's laughs but it is really more serious than that and I found myself hurting for Day's character. I did have to pat myself on the back though that at least I don't have to keep my 1 year old under lock and key like she did though. Whew - an 18 month old who can pick any lock? Glad it isn't me. I did enjoy the little references they put in to her other films, like when she sings Que Sera Sera or like when her husband scolds her for being out all afternoon (mind you this is out with four sons and the dog) and she responds she was with Rock Hudson.

The Petrified Forest is about a group of people brought together by circumstances at a middle-of-nowhere Arizona service station/BBQ diner. Bette Davis is the owner's granddaughter, Leslie Howard (think Gone With the Wind's Ashley Wilkes) is a wandering author trying to find some meaning in his life and Humphrey Bogart is a notorious killer on the loose with his gang. There were definitely aspects to this one that could be better. I know if I was in a building when people started shooting, I wouldn't wait to be told to get down and then do it calmly and slowly. Despite such silliness, the characters are intriguing and the questions presented worth considering. Leslie Howard's character asks just what is worth living for and worth dying for. I did love one quote I wanted to share though:

Leslie Howard: The trouble with me, Gabrielle, is I, I belong to a vanishing race. I`m one of the intellectuals.

Bette Davis That, that means you`ve got brains!

Leslie Howard: Hmmm. Yes. Brains without purpose. Noise without sound, shape without substance.


I read through Once-A-Month Cooking. It seems it will be very useful for recipes. I cannot plan which meal will be each day. I've tried that. We wind up with too many leftovers because I've planned too much or meals we don't even cook if we weren't in the mood for them. So instead I planned meals for the month, making notes if those meals would be better when my dad is here or when he isn't or if we want to have it more than once or other such notes. It should help us use what we have though and note require us to sit down for an hour each week and figure out what to cook that week or what we need to shop for.

I am making some nice headway in Don Bosco's 40 Dreams and has been quite interesting. I didn't realize St. Don Bosco wrote a biography of St. Dominic Savio. I'll have to look into getting it. How often can you read a biography of one saint written by another saint?

I'm also still enjoying Jane Eyre.


James' view from the room he is staying in for the conference. Can anyone guess what they are looking at and where he is? Here is a clue: he is rooming in a seminary. (I'll put the answer below.)


You are looking at the golden dome with its statue of the Virgin Mary and the steeple of the Sacred Heart Basilica at Notre Dame University.

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  1. One of my favorite lines from "Don't eat the daisies" is 'For once in their life all of our children asleep' quickly followed by one of their sons coming in the room to announce that all four boys were awake and he had been chosen to tell their parents.

    Truly enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work!

  2. Those were really great quick takes! You write in a way that makes me feel like we're just having a a conversation together...wonderful :)

    And - this is a random bit picked out of your whole lovely post - I love Jane Eyre!