Thursday, July 9, 2009

Small Successes

small_successes_badge-300x2321. I ordered hardcopy pictures of Elizabeth. I completely forgot that, not having computers, neither my grandparents nor my in-laws had seen pictures of our newest addition. Doh! So I finally got some ordered and mailed to them.

2. I remained calm and friendly when the Medical Assistant knew less about drawing blood from a newborn than I do (and I have no medical training) and neglected to warm Elizabeth's foot only to complain she couldn't get enough blood, need to prick her foot a second time and then squeezed her foot so much she was crying in her sleep. When the woman at the hospital did it, Elizabeth never made a sound and slept through the whole thing moving only once when she was pricked. Despite having been up for almost 4 hours, when the assistant did it at the pediatrician's office, Elizabeth cried almost the whole time WHILE half asleep. If I didn't love our pediatrician so much I might have reacted in a way I wouldn't have been proud of later. It is done though.*

3. I finally got the children's table recovered and the two additional chairs I had not covered done. (See post below.)

*I had a very nice discussion about this process with the woman at my hospital who did it for Elizabeth the day we were discharged. She does it all day long and said it really shouldn't be a really painful or difficult process. 1. Warm the foot! I actually had been warming one foot in preparation while waiting for the assistant but she insisted on pricking the other foot and never warmed it. 2. Prick the foot in the right spot. 3. Massage the foot. The woman at the hospital told me there is no need to squeeze. Just massaging will move the blood through the warmed foot enough to get the sample they need.


  1. Oh poor sweet tiny baby :(
    Your table and chairs are AWESOME!

  2. I love the table & chairs! Great job!

    I'm sorry about poor Elizabeth's experience. Sometimes I wonder why some people choose the healthcare profession.

  3. I love the table and chairs . . . that is such a cute idea!

  4. The worst thing is hearing your baby cry! Especially for something that is 'good' for them.

    I love the table and chairs, what a great idea!!!

  5. domesticaecclesiaJuly 11, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    Much thanks! Cecilia and Felicity were pleased with the table and chairs too. I love how easy it makes cleanup!

    I hate hearing one of my little ones cry when they are hurt. Knowing they don't need to be hurting like they are makes it harder. Next visit will have her first shots. We don't do all of the recommended vaccines but we do some and I was thrilled to find out they have a new combination vaccine that will reduce the number of needles Elizabeth will have to get.