Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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Lerin had the nice idea of devoting Tuesday to doing updates on our kids. I'm not sure what I'm going to write yet, but I thought I'd give it a try.


Cecilia is doing very well. She seems to never stop growing and is nearing 3 1/2 feet in height. She loves to measure things including herself, which she does almost every night before bed. She has also been learning to spell words and loves to recite the ones she knows. Mostly they are "at" words but she loves to play on the website and she practices spelling other words too.

Her favorite toy of late, at least when she is inside, is to take the Little People Zoo and combine it with her Melissa and Doug Barn and barn animals. The animals line up at the back of the zoo and petition Cecilia for money to get snacks from the sicker vending machine. When it is my turn, she gets a kick out of me quoting Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation when the animals debates, "Goobers or Raisinets? Goobers or Raisinets? Ain't that the eternal question?" Sometimes I throw in other candy names as I am not especially fond of either, but she gets a kick out of it. Sometimes the other animals in line get impatient. The animals also take baths and get their heads stuck in tree holes and walk the monkey's rope. We can get quite creative with it.

Cecilia has recently begun telling Elizabeth how much she loves her. She also got to finally hold her (I'll put up pictures once I finish going through and deleting all the blurry ones) and will sometimes just call her "My baby." She is very gentle and good with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she is still working on the concept of not grabbing from Felicity and Felicity, I think, is losing patience with Cecilia's tyranny.


Felicity is likewise getting tall. Must be their father in them. She has begun saying more words. She had been saying new words quite a bit earlier this year and then figured out that we could simply ask questions and she could indicate a yes or no answer and still get what she wanted without saying many words. Well, James and I got tired of hearing grunts and began making a point of making her say words when she wanted something and she has been improving. She knows tons of words, it is just saying them she has been avoiding.

Felicity does try to be gentle with Elizabeth but she does not realize her own strength. She is gentle when she gives her kisses and hugs though. She does seem to love her new baby sister but she is struggling with the adjustment a little. Felicity has always been my cuddler and, with a newborn, I haven't been as available for cuddling and, I think, she has had a difficult time with that. She has even had a couple of nightmares that leave her crying hysterically and unconsolable. So I've been trying to make more cuddle time for her, which is getting easier to do as Elizabeth gets a little older.

Felicity is one of those children who enjoys sitting and playing quietly, unlike Cecilia who is energetic and spirited. Felicity still enjoys just taking things apart or out of a bag or container, looking at them or showing them to someone and then putting each piece back in one by one. Whereas Cecilia enjoys throwing sand, Felicity likes moving it from one place to another. They do play together pretty well though, which impresses me considering how different their personalities are.


Elizabeth continues to grow. She has begun opening her eyes more and staying awake more, though for no more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time. I'll be weighing and measuring her in 10 days to see what her 1 month stats are.

As you can see, she did not like her first home bath. She cried hysterically through the whole thing except when I sat her up to wash her back and rinse the back of her head. She is my first to not like her bath. I think, though, it isn't so much she dislikes the bath as she dislikes being cold. She seems very sensitive to the cold and likes to be bundled or held close to someone's body and, though the water was warm, in a bath like that, I can only keep the water on one part of her at a time. Even the washcloth soaked with warm water didn't help. I have to wonder if having the A/C on has played into her sensitivity since my other two girls were born just before or during winter when the heat was running.

She still has that newborn smell in her hair, even after the bath, and I LOVE that smell. She must think I'm nuts when I keep smelling her hair but I know it will be gone too quickly. I have gotten, finally, a good look at her eyes and they look similar to Cecilia's greyish eyes when she was a newborn, so I'm guessing Elizabeth will be another brown-eyed girl, though Cecilia's eyes took until she was 1 year old to fully turn, so we will see.

Well, I hope I wasn't too boring in my updates. If I can keep doing this weekly, hopefully I'll get better at it. In the meantime, pop over to Lerin's site and read more fun tidbits about our kids and please link up and tell us more about yours!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations on baby Elizabeth. I have been so bad about keeping up with blogging since Lucy Cate arrived. I'm sure you understand. ;)

    I am so glad you're doing Tiny Treasures Tuesdays with me. I think it is really important to write down these little tidbits about their baby days. I know it is hard to believe now, but one day they will all grow up and we won't have new babies in the house anymore! I want to treasure these memories before they fade away. :)