Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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IMG_4126Cecilia just makes me more and more proud. She had her second dentist appointment yesterday (her first having been back in January when she turned three). She was outstanding. She was scared when we first got in the room because she doesn't like the chair. She doesn't like a chair going up and down with her on it but not in control of it. I can see where that would be troubling. So I sat in the chair and she sat on my lap. She was friendly and answered the dental hygienist's questions. She opened her mouth wide while the hygienist counted (and checked) all her teeth. She loved feeling the vibrating cleaner on her finger nails so much she had the hygienist do it to both hands. She held her mouth open wide and let all her teeth be cleaned with the cherry-flavored toothpaste. Then she got to drink some "blue water" and spit it out. We skipped the fluoride as I don't quite trust her not to swallow it. She picked out a toothbrush for herself and then one to take home to Felicity. Our hygenist is wonderful with little kids and blew up a rubber glove, drew a silly face on it and tied dental floss as a string. Cecilia also got to pick a toy from their toy bucket and she was ecstatic to find a yo-yo. She has been asking for one for a while but I haven't really pursued it because, let's be honest, yo-yoing isn't the easiest thing to do. Her second visit and she got her teeth cleaned and checked (both the hygenist and the dentist said her teeth look beautiful - so at least all the sugar lately hasn't done any noticable harm) and even told me on the way home that she "loves going to the dentist." Victory!

IMG_4461Felicity continues to say more words. She even answered James the other day with an "I don't know." She has also learned the word "nine" but she seems to call every number the number "nine." :) She also loves to sing and sway to music. It is so beautiful to hear her little voice even with no distinct words being sung. I love when she sings.

Felicity is my quiet one. She plays well by herself and seems to find entertainment in the simpliest of things, not just occassionally, but all the time. She entertains herself with a tissue or a single tea cup or even just her fingers.

She does learn from her sister though. She is a master of going up and down stairs. She can climb onto sofas, chairs, and even on top of tables. Fortunately, while she has learned how to close our baby gates, she cannot open them yet. She also followed Cecilia's lead when it came to the little inflatable pool. After a first day of caution and hesitation, by the second day she was climbing in and sitting down.

One thing Felicity does that I absolutely love is that she has a wonderful imagination and will carry around toy foods and pretend to pick off pieces and distribute them to me and James and Cecilia and "eat" some herself. Her favorite "food" to do this with is a Mr. Potato Head box of popcorn but she will also do this with their play kitchen's toy foods as well as from the ice cream and hotdog stands printed on their play mat.

IMG_4416Elizabeth had another first on her one month birthday. She smiled. Twice. Awake. And without gas. And it was beautiful. She has a gorgeous smile and I look forward to each one.

She is gradually spending a bit more time awake but still sleeps a great deal. She doesn't look like a newborn anymore. I can't believe how much she has grown so quickly.

Her longest sleeping stretch at night is about 4 hours, but I honestly think she could do better if I could just adjust her schedule a bit. It is just easier said than done with a 3 year old and a 1 year old keeping me busy at the same time. We'll get there though.

She seems to have really taken a liking to Cecilia. Elizabeth seems able to just gaze at Cecilia for long periods of time, long for a one month old anyway. In fact, her first half-smile, was at Cecilia.

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