Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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Cecilia is doing very well. I should have mentioned this last week but I wasn't sure what to report yet. A week ago, we dove into the deep end head first. Except when she is going to sleep, we took away all her pullups. We told her she could run naked or wear underwear or whatever, but no pullups. Not surprisingly, she wasn't too happy about it at first. We had tried to potty train her a few months ago but constipation caused such a problem we stopped training. This time, we have kept her drinking juice at almost every meal. In fact, we only let her have milk at dinner if she has gone that day. When she said her tummy or tushie hurt, we gave her "medicine" in the form of a juice box (her dentist will not be happy with me). So far it seems to have definitely helped keep the constipation problem to a relative minimum and, hopefully, once she is more used to going #2 on the potty, we won't need to give her so much juice. Between the juice and her rewards for doing #2, she has had too much sugar but that should not be the case once she gets used to going. She had a few accidents the first couple of days but has been very vigilant since then and overall has been doing very well. We just need to keep the constipation away until using the potty is a common thing and she is very comfortable with it. In the mean time, I am not going through wipes as fast!

Cecilia seems very interested in spelling words. She isn't really good at it yet. She has learned to read a digital clock from left to right but still forgets when it comes to words and spells "CAT" different ways: "TCA" or "ATC" etc. We just kindly correct her and remind her to go from left to right and she continues with another word. She uses chalk on the chalkboard, magnetic letters on the freezer, blocks, foam letters in the bathtub and magnetic letters on her magnadoodle. She has also tried writting some letters using crayons and chalk. So far I've made out a clear D and a good O. Sometimes they aren't so obvious but she is working on it. But she more often now walks around spelling "AT" words for us and usually spells them correctly.

Whenever anything happens that she doesn't like, such as Felicity taking something she wants or Cecilia hurts herself, she quotes the Cat in the Hat and says it is "not a good game."

Felicity has also impressed me lately. I told you we knew she knew lots of words but didn't like to say them and we were trying to get her to say more words. This week we have clearly heard "big" and "door" and extremely close attempts at "Cecilia" and "Felicity" though she seems to say her sister's name better than her own. She says "down" like a pro and also likes to say "lion" and "barn" and yesterday I heard "blue" and "balloon." She is definitely becoming more confident in trying to say words. I know she knows all these words and more but it is nice to hear her trying to say them more.IMG_4283

She is driving me a little nutty in that James got me an IPod Touch for a present and Felicity loves playing on it. There are a few games on there she likes to play that have animal sounds or play The Wheels on the Bus. I just need her to understand why I need to take it away when she was worn the battery down to a red sliver.

One difficulty we have run into with her lately is that she will often fight us to get her to sleep. It can be so difficult, in fact, that some days we just give up and let her try to skip her nap. I think she is too young to go without a nap but she thinks she is Cecilia's age and can do it. Yesterday she lasted pretty well. I have a feeling her nap will just become a "hit and miss" thing. But I bed one thing not helping is the fact that she is teething. At least two canines have broken through.

Elizabeth seems to have finished that initial newborn stage of sleep, cry, eat, sleep, cry, eat, etc. She has only this past week begun being awake and looking around without crying and it is so refreshing. She is a little angel when she is asleep but it is so wonderful to be able to hold her and have her look at me and hold her hands with her eyes open and looking at me. Previously that could last about 30 seconds before she began crying to eat or go back to sleep. In this sense she is acting more like Cecilia. Felicity was born quietly looking around.

Her sleep seems to be, in general, consolidating more in that she will have stretches where she will have little naps interrupted by nursing and diaper changes and then sleep for longer stretches with only a few wakings, and then be up for a good couple of hours. Sometimes she struggles in the first half of the night, but my sleep from midnight until 6 is pretty good with her often only waking once.

Though she will need one this week, after how much she hated the last one, I've been delaying her next bath. Dare I hope she likes the next one better?

Elizabeth, unless she is half-asleep or nursing, doesn't like to be cradled. She, like Cecilia when she was an infant, wants to be held veritcally. So I've begun using my Moby wrap to carry her around. I don't use it all the time as I don't want her thinking that is how it will be all the time, just like I use the swing sparingly. But I'm finally getting comfortable carrying her around in my wrap and she falls asleep on me everytime. Unfortunately it is difficult to set her down then because she gets so curled up against me, she notices pretty quickly when that warm body is gone.

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