Friday, August 7, 2009

At the Precipice of Tyranny?

Who hasn't known for a while that our government is selfish? Who hasn't thought politicians are lying theives? Not much new. But this headline caught my attention this morning:

"White House Vows to Defend Democrats on Health Reform, Will 'Punch Back Twice as Hard'"

There have been a few of these Town Hall style meetings this summer about the health care "reform" bill working its way through congress. And some of these meetings have not gone the way the hosts would have liked. People who disagreed with them showed up and voiced their disagreement. One in Florida even got somewhat violent. While I don't think it should be an occassion for violence, why is anyone surprised? If you force something on people who don't want it, some are going to fight it and fight back. Simple as that. Throw in a poor economy and a government spending itself into nonexistence and you get angry people.

But no matter how angry people are, the government is still in existence to serve the people. So when I read the headline, I was concerned. Just who does the White House plan to "punch back twice as hard?" Apparently Democrats believe that the opposition from these meetings has been a mob-like attack from Republicans and the "punch back twice as hard" refers to any advertising attack. So if a anyone were to criticize the democrats on the subject of the Health Care Reform Bill in an advertizement, it would warrant retaliation by the governement. Is this a government "by the people" and "for the people"? Does anyone besides me recognize the concept of being threatened if you dare to criticize the governement? How about Socialism? Communism? Nazism? Now I should hope we are not so far gone as to be imprisoned or killed for criticizing our public officials but for a country that likes to wave the "freedom of speech" banner at anything that makes them feel good, this should raise some serious red flags.

When a governing body ceases to exist for the people it governs, it is tyranny. Just how close are we to the precipice? Just how many people want our disorganized, over-spending, overpaid government coordinating the medical care of their bodies? How much of our government has its own agenda regardless of what the people want? Can you disagree with our government without being labeled an enemy or a mob?

Criticism only matters when you are only concerned with what you want and not with what is right.

UPDATE: Apparently the White House now wants Americans to report each other to the them: The White House is asking snitches to report anything fishy: "If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

So not only can we no longer criticize the government, we are supposed to inform our government of those who do. Way for the government to serve it's people: turn the people on each other.

God help us.

H/T Kate Wicker

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