Monday, August 10, 2009

My Daybook

My Daybook...

Sorry I missed last week. After four days with daddy being away I just wasn't on top of things on Monday.

I am praying for patience and a swift end to this 98 degree heat.

I am hoping my parents are having a lovely 34th wedding anniversary at Disney World and Andy and Kristen, good friends and Cecilia's and Felicity's godparents, have a wonderful 7th wedding anniversary today.

I am thinking about how much I love newborn feet. They are so small and soft. I love holding them, rubbing them, kissing them..... so adorable.

I am thankful for Elizabeth sleeping a 6 hour stretch last night. She slept from 10:30 until around 4. She then wanted to just look at me for 45 minutes so she then went in the swing and slept for another 3 hours.

Cecilia is eating a bagel with butter, drinking apple/prune juice and playing with my Ipod.

Felicity is eating a bagel with butter, drinking milk and watching Little Einsteins.

Elizabeth is nursing while I play with her cute tiny feet.

I am reading Jane Eyre (on page 195), The Pursuit of Happiness - God's Way by Pinckaers (on chapter 4), and The Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollan (not yet begun).

I am listening to Cecilia singing along to Little Einsteins' La La Las of Beethoven's 9th Symphony's Ode to Joy.

At home we have the Sears repair man coming today to fix the ice/water dispenser. I miss getting ice through the door ... I'm spoiled.

This week I have my postpartum OB/GYN appointment and Elizabeth has her 6-8 week Pediatrician appointment where she will get her first shots. I also hope and plan to get my monthly Confession this week and finish cleaning the upstairs by cleaning our bedroom and vacuuming the stairs.

This week's saints include St. Laurence (Patron Against Fires and of Cooks, Deacons, Poor People, Schoolchildren, Seminarians, and Students) St. Philomena (Patron of Babies, Barrenness, Children, Infertility, Poor People, Priests, Sick People, Toddlers and Young People), St. Susanna, St. Clare (Patron of Embroiderers, Eyes, Needle Workers, Telephones and Television), St. Maximilian Kolbe (Patron of Drug Addicts, Families, Imprisoned People, Journalists and the Pro-Life Movement), St. Stephen of Hungary (Patron of Bricklayers, Stone Masons, and Kings). Also this week is the oldest feast of Our Lady, the Assumption.

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