Monday, August 17, 2009

My Daybook

My Daybook...

I am praying for guidance, patience, understanding, and cooler weather.

I am hoping to finish Jane Eyre within the next couple of days. I'm just very into the book and never want to put it down.

I am thinking about how to coordinate today: what to do when, what I should try to get done and what I should wait to do.

I am thankful for how well the girls behaved at the movie theater yesterday. We had never taken them to a movie on its opening weekend so the theater was more crowded than we are used to being in with the girls.

Cecilia is playing Mr. Potato Head.

Felicity is playing Mr. Potato Head.

Elizabeth is in my lap content and looking around.

I am reading Jane Eyre (125 pages left to go out of 600), The Pursuit of Happiness - God's Way by Pinckaers (on chapter 5), and The Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollan (on chapter 2).

I am listening to Cecilia saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Mr. Potato Head!"

At home I will be focused on cooking and cleaning and anxiously awaiting the repair of my ice dispenser on my fridge. We also are having more tomatoes ripen.

This week I expect to be busy. I will be making a double batch of marinara sauce on Tuesday and making two lasagnas (one for us and one for another family whose mom fell and shattered her knee - ouch!). If I can manage it, our parish's Pro-Life group is meeting Tuesday night. The Sears repair man is due to come back on Thursday as, on his visit last week, another Sears repair man said the previous one misdiagnosed the problem and ordered the wrong parts. And, in between all that, I'll be working on cleaning the kitchen, main floor bathroom and dining room. Of course, there is the usual reading and playing with the girls, reading, TV and movies for myself, etc. And maybe, just maybe, I'll make it to Confession this week as last week's was postponed due to Elizabeth not feeling well after her shots and my tiredness and headache.

This week's saints include St. Helena (Patron of Archeologists, Converts, Difficult Marriages and Divorced People), St. Roch (Patron of Knee Problems, Skin Illnesses, Bachelors and Dogs), St. John Eudes, St. Bernard (Patron Beekeepers and Candlemakers), St. Pius X (Patron of First Communicants and Pilgrims), and the Queenship of Mary. Although it isn't until Sunday, and so techinically next week, since I post this on Monday, I have to also mention St. Rose de Lima, my patroness as well as the patron of the Americas, Embroiderers, Florists and Gardeners.

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