Friday, August 7, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



I'm hypothyroid and my dosage of medication has needed to be adjusted each time I've been pregnant. After Felicity's birth, it took me 10 months - just before I got pregnant with Elizabeth - to get a normal thyroid reading. This time I changed my dosage the day after I gave birth. I saw my endocrinologist yesterday after a blood test a week ago and my thyroid levels are normal. YES!YES!YES!


Having a whacky thyroid can make weight management tricky. I now have baby fat from all three of my babies. My thyroid being off for 10 months after Felicity was born made it so hard to lose much of hers or Cecilia's. Now that my levels are normal and I am past that 6 week postpartum mark, diet and exercise will come into play. Now, I haven't had any grand ideas on how to exercise while staying home with a 3 1/2 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and a 6 week old, so I will just do my best to make time on our treadmill. I will also try to use our Wii Fit more. I'd love to get 30-60 minutes on it 5 days a week but we will see what works and what doesn't. Of course, little ones can also produce their own exercise, can't they? lol.


I recently watched That Touch of Mink, Porco Rosso, Persona, and In the Valley of Elah.

That Touch of Mink is a romantic comedy starying Doris Day and Cary Grant. It is quite cute. Doris Day is looking for work when big business tycoon Grant asks her to go to Bermuda with him. He keeps trying to take advantage and she tries to keep her pride but things to wrong right and left. A cute film but not one I'd buy.

Porco Rosso is another Studio Ghibli film about a man who turned into a pig during World War I after he abandoned his fellow pilots to save his own skin. Let the pig jokes roll. He becomes a bounty hunter caring only for himself until one young woman exhibits so much courage and spirit it changes him forever. The film had it's good points but watching a pig pilot was just very strange and a little too wierd for me.

Persona is a Ingmar Bergman film and one I do not recommend. It is extremely strange and had sexual content I did not anticipate and was, well, appalled to see/listen to. (I kept thinking about what Bosco says about being exposed to bad media.) I realize Bergman was trying to show how a dominant personality can come to take over a weaker one until the weaker one resembles the dominant one and, without God, it is very easy to lose who you are, but he really could have left out a lot of the sexual content. Blech.

In the Valley of Elah is about Tommy Lee Jones' search to uncover the truth about his son's murder. But it isn't a simple "who dunnit." Jones is a retired Seargant and his son was in the army. It was a well done film for the most part but still had its disturbing scenes - not for the faint of heart. I also found it to make false conclusions about war, particularly the war in Iraq, and the overall state of our country. Aspects were good but, in the end, I was disappointed.


Having finished my book on St. John Bosco's dreams, I have to pick a new book. Since I have a fiction in Jane Eyre (I'm about 150 pages in) and Pinckaers' The Pursuit of Happiness - God's Way: Living the Beatitudes (just finished chapter 3) fulfills my spiritual requirement, I browsed my shelf for a nonfiction. I decided to pick up Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. It is supposed to be a long answer to the simple question: What should we eat? In this day and age it is a valuable question. Though it may sound simple or silly, should human beings really be eating everything that the food store offers? I can't pronounce half of it. I read Pollan's In Defense of Food and rather enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to reading this work.


Wednesday was the Feast of the Dedication of Saint Mary Major, a huge beautiful basilica in Rome. It is also known as Our Lady of the Snow because Mary caused it to snow, yes, in August, in Rome one year on a particular hill to indicate where the church should be built.

We celebrated with snow cones! Yum! But when I tried to explain to Cecilia why we were having snow cones she just kept asking to play in the snow. Oh well. Maybe try again next year. lol.


She just keeps getting bigger:


But I still love playing with these baby toes:



Well, the Next Food Network Star is over. Congratulations Melissa. She was definitely my choice. I did like Jeffrey but his show idea would't have appealed to me for a few reasons. I rather like Melissa and look forward to learning some tips from her.

That said and done, I am now down to just one TV show, namely Hell's Kitchen, which I am certainly enjoying. But does anyone know when football starts? When The Biggest Loser starts? I don't watch a whole lot of TV but I'm starting to miss a few things.

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  1. You'll love the Pollan book, it's an interesting read. Last chapter was unexpected for me, I look forward to seeing your opinion of it all.

    Good on you with the thyroid test -- ain't autoimmune fun?

    Here from Conversion Diary, thanks for the good posts.

  2. I'm looking forward to continuing his book, although the bit on "corn sex" was a bit weird.

    Yeah, autoimmune is one of those things I just don't get. It is like biological suicide. Nice to meet you!