Friday, August 28, 2009

Seven Quick Takes


This is Cecilia's handwriting. Every time I walk into the kitchen and see it I get worried that someone has declared the easel and that corner to be the Water Closet.


I've heard far too many potty and diaper disaster stories lately to not worry when I see WC where there should not be a toilet.


This week I watched Send Me No Flowers starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. I don't recommend this one. There isn't anything offensive but it is strange and only so funny. Hudson is a hypochondriac who overhears his doctor talking about a patient with a few weeks to live and assumed it is himself. So he decides to try to find a new husband for his wife, played by Day. It has a few laughs, but definitely not Day's best film. Disappointing.


We took the girls to see Ponyo again on Wednesday. All three were amazingly good. Cecilia sat quietly and watched the whole movie. Felicity sat for the first half to two thirds and then fell asleep on James' lap. Elizabeth slept on my shoulder for all but the first five or ten minutes of the film. There were adults near us that didn't behave so well. It really is an adorable film. I wish I could get the title song (played during the end credits). I got it stuck in my head: "Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo, little fishy of the sea..." Anyway, if you haven't gone to see it, I don't know how long it will last in theaters, but I recommend it.


Please say a prayer for all of our friends and family traveling this weekend for the Baptism. We have family and friend traveling by planes, trains and automobiles and, especially with a tropical storm off the coast, we pray for everyone's safe travels.


Please say a prayer for Elizabeth who will be Baptized tomorrow.


We are dropping Comcast next week and switching to Verizon. Verizon has done our phone service but Comcast has done our internet and cable. Now Verizon will do all three. Our primary reason for switching is that it will be cheaper, saving about $500 a year before taxes. Comcast has also driven us nuts lately with lapses in service. Here's hoping Verizon is better. Who do you use? How do you like them?


We bought a new digital camera. The one we had was having problems with its efficiency in battery usage. We were replacing the 4 AA batteries more than once a month even though we don't use it very much. So we invested in a new one in time for the Baptism. It is better quality too. The old one, bought before Cecilia was born had about 4 megapixels but the new one has 10 so it takes better pictures. So, hopefully, I should have more and better pictures up soon!

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  1. Good luck with having Verizon do all 3. We just consolidated our service with them, too. Once everything was set up, it's been great!!!

  2. Hello!

    Sorry to hear your leaving us. If there is anything our team can do to get you to stay, please email us at the address below. OR, if you ever decide to make the switch back, send us a line. We'll make sure you are well cared for.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations