Thursday, August 20, 2009

Small Successes


1. I finished cleaning the kitchen! Yeah for clean sanitary cooking space! I also rearranged a few things and worked out more counter space. I get so excited every time I see all that empty counter space!

2. I scheduled James' and my next dental cleaning appointments. This is important because our dental office has two hygienists and one of them is anything but gentle when she cleans your teeth and gums. The last time I had her my teeth and gums hurt so much I couldn't chew and I got a bad headache. She knew I was pregnant too and she still was rough. The more gentle hygienist has to be booked in advance by some months. We are due for our next cleanings in November. I called yesterday and got her two earliest appointments ... on November 30th.

3. I finally got a DVD from my Netflix list that I've been waiting months for. It is a DVD on Padre Pio. Netflix said they didn't have it, then they had it, then they didn't, then they had it again but with a "very long wait." This week it was reduced to "long wait" and suddenly they mailed it to us. Just getting the 3 1/2 hour film is a success even if I haven't finished watching it yet!

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1 comment:

  1. WOW on Padre Pio. I hope you let us know how you like it!

    I'm sorry I'm late reading this. It's been one of those "sick kid" weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!