Thursday, August 13, 2009

Small Successes


1. On Monday, almost nothing went the way I wanted or planned. The Sears repair man came only to tell us the previous Sears repair man had misdiagnosed the problem, ordered the wrong parts, and broke something else while he was here and we needed to wait for new parts and have him come back again. Elizabeth would fall asleep but not stay asleep. I barely got any cleaning done. My patience all but died. I couldn't get Felicity to take a nap and by 2pm I was just laying on the sofa ready to sleep until Tuesday. James asked what was wrong. I just said, "I surrender today. Nothing is going right. Make it tomorrow." He said, "okay, just let go of today." I said, "What do I do until tomorrow?" He said, "Survival mode."  As John Denver says, "some days are diamonds, some days are stones." My success was accepting the day for what it was - a stone.

2. I refrained from cursing and being as nasty as I wanted to be to Comcast. On Tuesday one of their construction teams was working out back and by the time they left we had no internet or cable. It took two days to get someone out to repair the line that their team severed. I've hated not having my internet or cable. I hadn't even realized how much I use the internet - checking the weather, looking up phone numbers, news, keeping touch, etc.

3. I cleaned off that counter in our kitchen that just seems to accumulate everything. Why is there always that one place where things of every caliber just seem to accrue?

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  1. Great job on tackling your hotspot...but really, taking the high and harder road this week. Your character and spirit really are quite amazing!

  2. Always a work in progress. :)