Monday, August 17, 2009

Time Management Part II

Here is how my chart worked out:

For Prayer I used the roman numeral I. For Person I used II, for Partner I used III, for Parent I used IV and for Provider I used V.

Under Daily:

I: Morning Prayer, Rosary

II: Diet, Exercise, Rest, Read, Shower, Brush/Floss Teeth, Brush Hair

III: Kiss, Say "I Love You," Talk

IV: Play with children, Go outside with children, Pray with children, Read to children

V: Cook

Some things might not need to be on other people's charts but I know, for me, which things might fall by the wayside (there are days I don't get to shower and it can be tempting to get fast food or order in instead of cook) and which ones I know I will do (the kitchen, dining room and living room get picked up every day due to my obsessive nature about organization and I always feed the children three times a day and the girls need the same bedtime routine every day) without needing or wanting to mark it off. So just because it isn't there doesn't mean it doesn't get done and just because it is there doesn't mean it does get done but, as I said in my previous post, this acts as a guide for me for each day.

Under Weekly:

I: Scriptural Reading, Mass, Chaplet of Divine Mercy

III: Alone Time

V: Laundry, Food Shopping

Under Monthly:

I: Confession

V: Plan Meals, Clean House

Under Continuous:

I: Spiritual Reading

II: Quilt/Garden/Etc.

III: Support

IV: Teach

For example, for "Prayer" I listed Morning Prayer (which for me is the Divine Office), the Rosary, Confession, Mass, Scriptural Reading, Spiritual Reading and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. So my "Daily Prayer" list was of Morning Prayer and Rosary, my "Weekly Prayer" list of Scriptural Reading, Mass and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, my "Monthly Prayer" list of Confession and my "Continuous Prayer" list of Spiritual Reading. Here is an image of my chart:


I can't say I feel sure about sharing all this but I thought there might be others who might benefit, even if just in part, from the idea that, so far, definitely has had it's benefits. I hope I communicated clearly and the image helped in that regard.

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