Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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My Tiny Treasures will be shorter than usual today. I just don't have much time to type this morning.

Cecilia is doing well. She has become very good at riding her tricyle. I'll have to try to get some pictures sometime. She and grandpa went out this weekend with her bike and when she came back in she was red-faced and excited about how much fun it was.

I must admit she is driving me nuts, in a good way, talking non-stop from spelling words to sounding out each letter of the word to spell it out (ess, ahh, pah spells "sap") to reading the numbers on the digital clock to calling my attention to something or other every 5 seconds. She has become quite the chatterbox.

This morning she said "good morning" to Elizabeth and then asked if she had a bad dream. She told Elizabeth there was nothing to be afraid of. Priceless.

Felicity has three of her canines working their way further away from the gums. Her teething has always been in spurts like this. She goes 3 months without anything and then gets 3 at once with one straggler following before another 3 months without any teething. Add that to a skinned knee yesterday while we were out walking and she has been less than thrilled lately.

She does like to pick up books and pretend to read them. I had to laugh when she snagged my book of Forty Dreams of Saint Don Bosco and began flipping through it and laughing as though it were the comics. Most of those dreams involve demons and frightening symbolic animals and here she is laughing at them. I had to giggle.

She likes to pull her pajama shirt up over her head to cover her face and then walks around. We call her the "pajama monster." She gets a kick out of that. She has also adopted Cecilia's love of bouncing though perhaps not to the same degree, but she loves to jump and bounce on the sofa, trampoline or just the floor and "bouncy" is one of those words she practices regularly.

Elizabeth keeps getting bigger. I'm so eager to weigh her but am waiting until the 24th to record her 2 month stats for my records. She will get another doctor's visit on the 17th.

She wasn't fond of her car seat. But then I noticed an optional piece to the base of her carseat wasn't on. It is a big black plastic piece that can alter the level of the car seat and hence the angle she sits at. Her seat was always in that little blue range of safety but it was right at the edge and I wondered if it was making her uncomfortable. So I installed the black piece and leveled her out a bit and, so far, it seems to have definitely improved her liking for her car seat. Here's hoping that did it.

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