Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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Cecilia really enjoyed seeing Ponyo this weekend, especially with grandpa. She has been watching the trailer on the internet for a week now and had been asking to go see it. She loved it. Her favorite part, which is visible in the trailer, is when Ponyo is so excited exploring Sosuke's house that she accidently runs into the sliding glass door. Cecilia cracks up every time she sees it. And she likes to re-enact it with her fingers running into things. It is quite humorous.

Cecilia has become obsessed lately with puzzles, particularly of the inlaid variety. We have half a dozen of them and she has mastered them. I'm going to look into getting a couple of new ones.

Whenever she is embarrassed or ashamed at being called out on something she didn't want to be called out on or teased about something, Cecilia says, "Shh! I'm going to sleep!" and then she proceeds to close her eyes, lay her head down, and pretends to snore. She does this in the car, at home and even sitting at the dinner table. We have to laugh when she does it but we try to honor her request and divert our attention elsewhere.

It is funny. Cecilia is my energetic, bubbly, playful, wants someone to play with little girl. Yet she loves to pretend she is a cat. A cat! I love cats but they are quiet, independent creatures and I find it most ironic. But she will crawl around "meow"ing and paw at doors to ask to be let in. It is really quite cute.

Felicity is my quiet, calm, often likes to play by herself little girl. She, are you ready?, likes to pretend she is a dog. She will try to alert me to things by barking at me! Again, the irony! But I have to wonder..... Does she pretend to be a dog just because she is so different than Cecilia and Cecilia likes to pretend to be a cat? Does she pretend to be a dog just because she likes dogs? Or does she pretend to be a dog so she can cease to be the "little sister" and make her big sister the "prey"? So far they have not got into any cat and dog chases.

She has discovered that she loves riding on my shoulders. She enjoys the view for a while but then she wraps her arms around my forehead and lays her head on top of mine and enters this bear-hug-like position glued to my head. She doesn't want to let go. At least she hasn't been ready to let go before I was ready for her to get down. Felicity has been getting back some of her cuddliness she had before Elizabeth was born. I'm so happy.....I missed it. Though it does make me giggle to see it on top of my head.

Elizabeth had a doctor's appointment on Friday. She weighed 11 pounds and behaved very well. The doctor said she looks great. She did get two shots (we do do vaccinations but not all of them). Of course she cried but not for long. She napped for a few hours when we got home and then woke up crying hysterically. For about an hour she was absolutely inconsolible. Nothing seemed to help. Her leg was red and irritated at the injection site. I changed her into a onesie without legs to keep anything from touching the area or pulling on the bandaid. She couldn't even nurse because she had to keep crying so much. We gave her some Tylenol and she eventually fell asleep on my shoulder. I put her in her swing since it was the only way I knew she could be continually comforted and calmed without any pressure or irritation being put on her leg. She slept another three hours. After that she definitely seemed to be feeling better. She did continue to have a slight fever on Saturday but the Tylenol did seem to help. Hopefully that will be the worst set.

She did continue to have my favorite vax side effect: sleepiness. Saturday evening, around 7:15, she fell asleep on James and slept for about four hours in her swing. When she awoke at 11:20ish, I changed her diaper, nursed her and brought her to bed. She slept for six hours until around 5:30ish. Then I uploaded the day's Liturgy of the Hours on my Ipod and began my morning prayers while she lay beside me cooing and smiling. It wasn't until 6:15 or so that she and I headed downstairs. A perfect night concluded with a perfect morning.

She fell asleep walking into the movie theater but woke just after Ponyo began and was awake for most of the film but never made a disturbance. She observed her new surroundings and watched the shadings of light alter on the walls and made faces and smiles at me. She fell asleep shortly before the film ended laying her head on my shoulder hypnotized by the row of path lights along the wall.

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  1. I want to see Ponyo with my babies too! :) Poor Elizabeth, I'm sorry to hear she had a rough time. Lucy was my first baby who seemed pretty unaffected.