Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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I'm sorry today's Tiny Treasures is so brief but I'm a little short on time this morning.

Cecilia is doing very well. Although we aren't homeschooling in a formal fashion, as she is only 3 1/2 years old, I'm always amazed at what she learns and picks up. Just from being at home with me she is learning how to tell time from a digital clock but also how to read an analog clock. She asks which day of the week it is and what day tomorrow will be. She continues her fascination with letters and words but has also begun, though she doesn't know it, some basic math. The other night she counted that there were "6 friends" in the room: Mommy, Daddy, Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Grandpa. She then went on to calculate that there were "4 girls" and "2 boys." Since it was late in the day, I did not pursue it, but it is not a far jump from 2+4=6.

IMG_4558Felicity has become obsessed with clip buckles. She wants to do one wherever she finds one. She buckles the clips of the belt in Elizabeth's swing, buckles the clip of the changing pad and insists on buckling her chest clip in her car seat. She then announces her accomplishment and must be praised or she announces it even louder.

Elizabeth officially turned 2 months yesterday. Unfortunately I was so busy with the three little ones and trying to clean the living room for this weekend that I forgot to weigh and measure her but I can promise it will be done today. She sleeps well, generally waking twice a night although I think, just maybe, I can get that down to once a night if I can stay awake long enough when she first wakes up to give her a full nursing instead of a half nursing. She has been getting more tummy time and is improving her head control. She still needs support but she is definitely developing a will of her own.

UPDATE: This morning I finished cleaning the living room. It is so funny how toys lost to the bottom of the toy chest become "new" again when I clean it out. Cecilia has spent the last 20 minutes riding her tricycle around the house wearing only her pajama pants and her sunglasses with a Winnie the Pooh purse on her arm and a wallet filled with holy cards along for the ride. Priceless.

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