Monday, August 10, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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Cecilia: Since I was caulking the tub the girls usually use, they got to bathe in ours. Ours is a jacuzzi tub with air jets. The girls were playing with those foam letters and numbers that are designed as bath toys and Cecilia decided the letter I and the number 1 made good keys and the jet tubes were locks. She spent much bath time last week "locking" and "unlocking" the jets with the foam I and 1. All I could think of was C.S. Lewis and his magic wardrobe and kept imagining the tub opening up to a magical underwater world.

She is counting down to when grandpa comes back and has been asking to go to the zoo. We promised her we would go sometime in August though exactly when depends on weather and scheduling.

She continues to love to spell. She asks us to spell words all the time. I can't decide if I should make her spell them or just comply with her request for me to spell them or both. On the one hand, I want her practicing to do it but on the other hand, if she has trouble, I don't want to discourage her. My spelling words is better than no spelling at all. I figure enough practice either way and she will know them all eventually regardless.

Felicity: Felicity has recently figured out how to flush the toilet and it seems to be her new hobby. If she can get access to one, she will flush the toilet, wait a few minutes, flush, wait, flush, etc. I have to grab her and force her from the bathroom. I had to stop her from flushing the toilet while poor Cecilia was still sitting on it but I, unfortunately, was not so lucky.

She recently figured out how to maneuver and work my computer mouse and so has earned the right to her own play time on the computer rather than just watching Cecilia play. She doesn't know how to do a whole lot yet, but she can still play my Mac Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat games. She tries to play on the Disney website but ends up clicking ads and gets stuck on Rice Krispie or Pillsbury websites.

She has developed some interesting sleep habits. She will go to sleep at night with James but not with me. But if she wakes up early in the morning, like at 5-something, she can often insist on getting into bed with me and refuses to go back to sleep with James. This seems to have begun just before or right around when Elizabeth was born. My only thought on the matter is that we transitioned her to her own bed just a couple of weeks before Elizabeth was born and, being 9 months pregnant, I couldn't lay down with her without getting kicked, so only James put her to bed in her new bed. So I think maybe she thinks James is only for her bed and I am only for mine?

Elizabeth: Elizabeth is doing well. She sleeps well at night though her day naps are often one good 3 hour one with many smaller fragmented ones. She fools me at least once a day with gas that is so stinky I have to check and see if she has a dirty diaper. This has been going on since her digestive system matured to only dirtying her diaper every other day or so, which I'm glad of, but still not used to. I just know if I was sitting with someone else who smelled it and I tried to indicate it was her gas I'd look like the biggest heel "blaming it on the baby."

She is being more generous with smiles and they are a joy to behold. She has a wonderful smile. Now if I could just get a picture of it. I try but once I get the camera out she just stares at it instead of smiling at me.

Yesterday, for the first time, I began walking on the treadmill with Elizabeth in my baby bjorn. She rather liked it. She was awake for the first 5 or 10 minutes and then took a nice nap for the remaining 45 minutes. It also means I get a better workout walking with an additional 12 or so pounds.

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