Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Weekend Without Daddy

As I mentioned in my Quick Takes, James was gone for a conference for the weekend. Cecilia counted down the days until his return. Felicity cried his name. Elizabeth cried. But that is what they are all supposed to do.

The last time I can recall James and I being apart was for a conference in Dallas just before Cecilia turned 1 year old. Certainly Cecilia was our first, but we also only had one child. Now we have three children all aged three years and younger. A number of moms have told me having three children ages three and under is the hardest it will ever be. It only gets easier from here. Which comforts me that, as I don't think I'm doing badly, I look forward to things only getting better.

This weekend has been a balancing act between bending rules and maintaining rules. Some things needed to stay the same as when Daddy is home, such as Cecilia sleeping in her own bed and having a home cooked dinner and going to Mass and keeping Elizabeth used to falling asleep different ways. At the same time, some things needed adjustment such as Felicity sleeping in my bed (she still wakes during the night and I cannot assume I could get to her before she would awake Cecilia if I am caring for Elizabeth) and a bit more DVD time than usual (especially Friday as it poured most of the day).

But I think all of us did well this weekend. I got the laundry done and re-caulked our shower. I made dinner all three nights. Every night I got all three girls to sleep. Elizabeth continued to sleep in her bassinet, her swing, on me, her car seat. Felicity played and fell into a nap watching Tinker Bell. Cecilia played and read and helped me whenever I asked her.

I did have one big help this weekend though. My dad was here. And he helped out the best way any grandpa can. He played with the girls, especially Cecilia. Cecilia is a high maintenance little girl when it comes to playing. She bounces from activity to activity and aways prefers to have someone play with her. She can play on her own, but doesn't prefer to. Not only did this free up me from her persistent requests to do something with her so I could more easily care for Elizabeth and Felicity as well as cook and straighten up and get laundry done, etc., but it also helped Cecilia pass the time and not miss daddy so much.

Mass went miraculously well. Elizabeth slept through all of Mass. Felicity fell asleep in my arms. No one ever had to leave the pew. And Cecilia behaved wonderfully.

James got home tonight just in time to help get the girls to bed. Cecilia was so happy to see him she began crying.

But right now. Right this second. All three little girls are sleeping soundly.

All of our angels have been working overtime this weekend.

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