Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grapes and Lollipops

Saturday morning was so nice we spent some of the early morning on the deck. The girls hung out snacking on grapes.


P1000133Then we had our own science class when I spotted this guest:


Mr. Praying Mantis turned his head a few times when I took pictures but otherwise didn't move. Cecilia was simply content that they don't give boo-boos, but I looked up what they do eat and it is most insects and arachnids, which might explain his perched position in this picture. You see, this is the underside of the railing of our neighbor's deck and spread between our neighbor's deck and our own was a large spiderweb with a pretty decent sized spider perched in it. (I tried to get a picture of him but the angle and swaying of the web in the wind made it really hard to focus.) Later that day, we went back out and Mr. Praying Mantis was still lingering on our neighbor's deck railing, but there was no sign of Mr. Spider.


Cecilia has been completely potty trained except for at night. But we knew she didn't really need them at night. She hasn't used a pullup in over a month. Yet she always insisted on having one on. So we made her a deal. Grandpa brought back some big lillipops from Disney world and I told her that she could have one when she didn't need any pullups anymore at all. She readily surrendered any claim on any pullup and has been ecstatic over her prize.



Now, Felicity has been begging for a lollipop like she has seen Cecilia have. The problem is that the little lollipops can come off the stick fairly easily and then become choking hazards. But I did have a lollipop in between Cecilia's mega one and the little ones and I knew she wouldn't eat much of it, and she was so happy to be like her big sister with a lollipop.



Gotta love those multicolor lollipop faces!

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