Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Our World...

Monkeys have doctor appointments.

Sisters make wonderful bath companions.

Tricycle rides don't have to be outside.

Paints are even better on pumpkins than on paper.

Bugs are fascinating to look at and then beat with a stick.

Anyone can be reachable on the phone any time you want and they will say whatever you want them to say.

You cannot read the same book too many times.

Broccoli and peas cannot be served enough, but ice cream never is.

If you can pick it up, it can be a hat.

"Treat" can be as dangerous to say as any swear word.

The rosary is just as useful as a necklace as for praying.

Sharing is most fun when it is to share what someone else has.

Sofas without cushions are trampolines.

Any time can be tea time.

Farm animals line up for vending machine snacks.

Cinderella can dance with the Beast.

A kitchen is an ideal setting to play with bouncy balls.

It is never too early to count down until you are old enough to drive.

Waking a sleeping baby is considered a felony.

A Sippy cup with water can be as comforting as any stuffed animal or blanket.

Doing a somersault is reason for cheers and celebration!

Antagonizing your sister can be the best game ever!

Antagonizing your sister can be remedied with one hug.

If you don't want to do something, it is "not a good game."

H/T Melanie and Sarah

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  1. Wonderful! Waking a sleeping baby might just carry a life in prison sentence around here - don't EVEN think about it. Thanks for the link :)