Monday, September 28, 2009

My Daybook

My Daybook...

I am praying for a friend who is having surgery tomorrow. Please say a prayer for her.

I am hoping my energy levels stay up. ... WITHOUT caffeine!

I am thinking fearfully how long the dept. of motor vehicles may take.

I am thankful for this wonderful weather.

Cecilia is coloring outside on the deck.

Felicity is coloring outside on the deck.

Elizabeth is nursing in my lap.

I am reading (New Fiction TBA), The Pursuit of Happiness - God's Way by Pinckaers (halfway through chapter 5), and The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan (on chapter 2).

I am listening to "I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean" from Brigadoon

At home this week I need to switch out Felicity's wardrobe. She seems to be moving up to the 3T size. I also need to change and wash the bedding and the upstairs could use a vacuuming. I hope to finish my border squares and order something I need for two more pieces of my quilt.

This week I have a TORCH meeting. We are hoping to take the girls to Chick Fila on Wednesday for lunch and some time on their inside playground and then go apple-picking and get some pumpkins to carve and make pies and bread. I am also hoping to get my driver's license renewed. I also need to see about moving Felicity's shoes up a size.

This week's saints include St.Vincent de Paul - 27th (Patron of Carities, Horses, Hospital Workers, Lepers, Lost Articles, Madagascar, Prisoners, Spiritual Help and Volunteers), St. Wenceslaus - 28th (Patron of Brewers, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and Moravia), Sts. Michael (Patron Against Evil, of Artists, Bakers, Bankers, the Dying, EMTs, England, Germany, Grocers, Knights, Paramedics, Police Officers, Radiologists, Sailors, Security Guards, Soldiers), Gabriel (Patron of Ambassadors, Broadcasters, Childbirth, Clergy, Diplomats, Messengers, Portugal, Postal Workers, Public Relations, Radio Workers, Stamp Collectors, Telephones, Television) and Raphael (Patron Against Mental Illness, Against Nightmares, of Blind People, Doctors, Guardian Angels, Happy Meetings, Health Inspectors, Love, Lovers, Nurses, Pharmacists, Shepherds, Therapists, Travelers and Young People)- 29th, St. Jerome - 30th (Patron of Archeologists, Archivists, Librarians, Schoolchildren, Students and Translators), St. Therese of Lisieux - 1st (Patron of AIDS Patients, Air Crews, Aircraft Pilots, Australia, Florists, France, Missionaries, Missions, Russia, Sick People and World Youth Day), and the Holy Guardian Angels - 2nd. Busy week indeed!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!


  1. Wow, Felicity is moving up to 3T! I've just been digging out fall clothes for Sophie and am finding that the 2T stuff is still a little large--sleeves that hang over her wrists etc.-- though it'll do. It'll have to do as I don't think I really have any cool weather clothes in 18 month size. I know Sophie is small for her age but that really drives it home.

  2. The last time I switched her wardrobe it was to the 24 month/2T group. The 24 month stuff has become too small to squeeze on her and the 2T is definitely on the declining end. So, I figure, if I'm going to dig into the closet to put up the 24 month stuff, I might as well put up the 2T stuff and pull out the 3T. I honestly don't know what seasons I have in 3T but at least I won't be fighting to squeeze clothes on her again for a while.
    You know they always grow at their own speed. Sophie will be moving up sizes in no time I'm sure.