Friday, September 4, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



At the restaurant where we had the reception for Elizabeth's Baptism, there was another party going on down the hall for a Bar Mitzvah. After their party had ended, a few of the little ones in our party happened upon the room while the restaurant staff was cleaning up. The staff gave them glow-in-the-dark tube necklaces as well as some balloon displays that were left behind. Cecilia and Felicity wound up with two necklaces each and we wound up with a balloon display. So, upon returning from a reception for a Baptism, I now have a bright blue balloon of the Star of David in my living room



Cecilia, literally, puts her foot in her mouth:


The girls try to fix their own hair:


The girls get a wagon ride from James' dad:


Elizabeth gets tickled:



Wednesday night was a strange one. Around dinner time Cecilia began complaining about her stomach. After a previous incident earlier that afternoon, I figured what was really bothering her was that she needed to go potty and hadn't. I spent a good 20 minutes with her while she sat on the potty. She had tears down her cheeks and kept repeating, "I want to feel better. I want to be better." I tried just about everything I could think of. I gave her some apple/prune juice to drink and offered her puzzles or a DVD or books to distract her (none of which she wanted). Finally I had her lean forward, resting on me, while I gently rubbed her back. I was thinking if I could keep her calm and help her relax her body might take over. It did. But not in the way I anticipated. After a few minutes I realized she was completely asleep on me. We quietly and quickly put her into bed at a quarter to 7. I have no doubt she was in some discomfort but I have to wonder how much was sheer tiredness, especially as she had no problem the next morning and, with one minor span during the night, was fine all night.


No, this is not an AT&T commercial and we don't provide "more bars." For some reason, I have no idea what it is, our tomato plants are growing at different heights along our fence.


The sun rises to the right of the photo and sets to the left, so they should all have about the same amount of sun and water. I don't get it but it is a little weird.


I LOVE this weather this week. Lows in the 50s, highs in the low to mid 70s. September doesn't get much better. I hate the heat. God has been so kind this week!


Six days later, we finally finished the leftovers from Elizabeth's Baptism reception. I'm officially tired of Italian.


Today Verizon is coming to install Fios, so if I don't respond to comments or something, I may not have internet again yet. Please, be patient. I'll have to be.

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  1. Your children are lovely! My favorite picture though is the one with the new hairstyles. I have a few of those from my own childhood.

  2. Tomatoes are so fast growing (when they want to be) that they really show it when they are next to other plants -- like when you buy small plants at the nursery in those sixpacks off the bench, you'd think there's not that much variety in the lighting on one bench but you'll see the packs in the middle are longer and lankier by far than the ones on the edges. I learned a few years ago that when sunflowers "turn" to the light each morning, they aren't actually turning -- they are growing in that direction. They actually grow so quickly that when they add cells to one side instead of the other it makes the plant lean the other way. Wild, eh?

    Thanks for the takes!

  3. Wow. That is fascinating. I had no idea plants could be such social creatures. Thanks. I'll have to remember that for next year.