Friday, September 25, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



I watched Calamity Jane staring Doris Day. It has its cute moments but it is not much of a biopic. Calamity Jane did quite a lot in her life and this film spans a very tiny portion. The film is a musical in which Indian scout Calamity Jane (Doris Day) is as hard-riding, boastful and handy with a gun as any man in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. When her best buddy, Wild Bill Hickock (Howard Keel), bestows his affections on a more feminine member of their show troupe, the two friends begin to feud ... and then fall in love. It is fluff. And I don't have anything against fluff. But to make fluff this fluffy "based" on real people but not based on much fact doesn't appeal to me much. And for a western musical I'd prefer Seven Brides for Seven Brothers myself.


I just bought Infant's Tylenol and now it has been recalled?!? UGH. Fortunately it is a voluntary recall and there shouldn't be anything wrong with the medicine. But such a pain. Check yours!


This week we have had more TV than we ever bargained for. All these season premiers and special episodes mounting to 2 hours a piece. It is insane. They better slow down after this week or I won't be able to keep up.

House, M.D. - I don't watch this regularly but we were curious how it would pick up after House got committed at the season finale. The first half was interesting and good. The second half bored me with its romantic interlude.

Heroes - James watches this show and DVRed it. He hasn't gotten a chance to watch it yet.

The Biggest Loser - I was so happy how things turned out this week with all the contestants remaining another week. And to lose so much weight in one week ... phenomenal!

Hell's Kitchen - It seems like Kevin and Dave are the best chefs. Tenille seems able to cook but I don't know that she is fine dining material. (And, no, I'm not racist, but suggesting a sushi dish in this show is idiotic as it requires no cooking.) Suzanne's attitude is terrible and she makes too many mistakes, Ariel had been promising but she has had her difficulties of late. The big question is if Dave can hang in there before he physically falls apart.

Each of the above were 2 hours this week. That's nuts.

18 Kids and Counting - Jim Bob has my heartfelt sympathy beginning a diet though trying to get others at the Weight Watchers meeting to try Snickers Ice Cream is probably not the best way to begin. Yeah for a 30-minute show!


It is very cute when Felicity pretends to be a dog. She barks at me to get my attention and the like. But I wish she understood that dogs who bite to get attention get promptly reprimanded. Ouch! Yes, when she wants my attention, she will sometimes come up to me and bite me, usually on the leg, though she has tried the arm as well. I've caught her, all but once, before she really hurts me and I've told her repeatedly not to bite but it doesn't seem to have sunken in yet. In sympathy though, I should also mention she has been teething. She has her last canine working down and, nearing her second birthday, I wouldn't be surprised if those second molars are preparing to break through. So she has a natural propensity to bite many things. I have to remind her not to bite books, chew puzzle pieces, etc.


Yesterday James left for work around 6:40am, before any of the girls were up. He taught classes, had office hours, went to vespers and a lecture and did not get home til after 9:30pm. So I took care of all three girls by myself all day. Overall, it wasn't a bad day. My only regret was that Elizabeth wouldn't go back into her swing for her afternoon nap, which made it a tad harder to juggle the needs of Cecilia and Felicity, but overall the girls were good. I still managed to sew most of quilt square piece #14 (I have 4 pieces left to attach of 29) and I still managed to read some more of Wuthering Heights. No real complaints. I never lost my temper. No meltdowns by anyone.

Yet today I am quite tired.

How do military moms do it for months at a time?


Cecilia loves apples. She just doesn't always finish one before she gets another. Felicity got a hold of one of Cecilia's apples. But I don't think Felicity understood quite how to eat an apple. I've only seen horses eat apples like this.


She ate the core, the seeds, and all but this small chunk from the bottom of the apple and what you see remaining of the stem. I keep telling myself: At least she didn't eat the stem. But maybe Cecilia could learn something from Felicity about not wasting apple.


Well, as Autumn is here and it is my favorite season, I made no hesitation on getting my Autumn decorations up.

While a pinecone and an apple fell off that I need to reattach, here is our door's wreath:

P1000268The Autumn leaf garlands:



And our dining room table centerpiece:


Mickey Mouse says "Bounty" and Minnie Mouse says "Thankful." Those are the pumpkins the girls painted a couple of weeks ago. The glass pumpkins with the tea light candles I bought at Yankee Candle last year.


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