Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small Successes


1. I actually got done all the thank you cards from Elizabeth's baptism. Less than a week and they are in the mail. Yes!

2. With everything this summer, I fell behind in my quilting. But this week I finished another border square. Yeah!

3. I really wanted to read last night. But I was tired and Cecilia hadn't been feeling well before bedtime. I didn't read. I loathed to put up my book, but I did and went to sleep, which I needed more.

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  1. Good for yo on rest, sewing and thank you cards (I love being thankful and thanking people, but sometimes I loathe the writing....good for you!!)

    Much love!

  2. Good for you!
    REST is so important...I admire your ability to prioritize it!

  3. Thank you cards AND a finished border square all in one week. I am jealous. I am still working on blocks for a quilt I started many years ago. I am determined to finish by Christmas. You give me hope that i can do it.
    I love your blog. The roses in the header are stunning.

  4. It can be hard to make an effort for rest, especially when your mind is racing with all the other things you could be doing. Hope everyone has a refreshing weekend!

  5. I was hoping to get this one done before Christmas but I'm not sure how sane that goal is now. I'm going to put in a valiant effort for September and see what I can do though. You can do it.....just take it one piece at a time.

    Thanks for visiting. It was wonderful to meet you!

  6. Good job getting sleep . . . it is so important!