Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny Treasures

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Cecilia had a lot of fun last weekend. She is my outgoing people person girl so she is always happy to have people to play with and everyone is a playmate. However, as much as she is happy to have someone to play with, confronted with a crowd of people and she can be initially overwhelmed. So, during the Mass, she was shy and cautious. But by the time we got to the reception, she was playing and downing a lollipop and having a blast.

She took no time in recruiting James' parents to play with her and was happy to give all her relatives (and even one's girlfriend) hugs and kisses before they left. The best we could explain Baptism to her was that it is like a bath: water is poured over Elizabeth's head and it makes her clean. Not a bad way to explain it to a three year old, if you ask me.

She did have a little  bit of a hard time understanding that Elizabeth's baptism presents were not for her. Family and friends did bring two presents for her (Felicity likewise got two presents) but she still seemed confused that all were not for her. Poor Felicity will have to fight for her presents by the time her birthday rolls around.


Felicity had a good and bad weekend. She was very well behaved but she is in that stage where, if you aren't mommy or daddy (or grandpa), then "Why are you within 100 feet of me!?!?" Cue bolt for mommy's leg and absolute panic! It kept her fairly glued to me all weekend. Part of it is that she is naturally shy and quiet by her own personality, quite the opposite of Cecilia in that regard. The other part is that she is at the age where it is natural for her to be very wary of those with whom she is not familiar.

Felicity has recently become enamored with puzzles. She loves doing the inlaid puzzles. She just has trouble doing them before Cecilia comes along and does them for her.

Her favorite toy seems to be Mr. Potato Head. We have a bunch of pieces from Disney World and she loves putting Mickey hats or a Donald beak or Tinker Bell wings on Mr. Potato Head. Her favorite piece though is a bag of popcorn which she will not only pretend to eat but will dole out pretend pieces of which to anyone nearby. She does similarly with a pretzel in the form of Mickey Mouse's head. Then she pretends to wash it down with a soda.


Elizabeth, of course, had a busy and wonderful weekend. She has been doing very well. Her sleep is a little messed up since the weekend but getting better. She loves being held so, in that sense, the weekend was great for her as she was held by a few people besides James and myself.

Her head still smells like the chrism oil. Ahh, such a wonderful scent.

She is getting more head control. I still have to keep an eye on her, but she has no problem holding her head up for several minutes at a time. She can support it very well. It is in controlling its movement that she is still practicing. She holds it up without a problem but then decides she wants to turn it and tries to move some muscles to try to produce the desired effect but isn't quite sure how to do it and her head suddenly plops forward or sways back and that is when I must be on my guard. She is getting there though. I've been really looking forward to that head control just because it makes it so much easier to hold her with one arm if I need the other one for something.

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