Saturday, September 19, 2009

To the Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo.




On the walk in, Cecilia insisted on holding Felicity's hand. So precious...


Cecilia had been begging to see the Polar Bears so that was where we went first. It was a little strange seeing them in such a green and grassy setting. They looked hot. But there was a cold pool in the exhibit they just didn't seem interested in swimming in.


Once she had her fill of the Polar Bears, Cecilia was begging to go see the Giraffes, so off we went.

P1000232One very nice thing about the Baltimore Zoo is that, for $2.00, you can feed a giraffe. I couldn't resist, so both Cecilia and Felicity got to feed a giraffe.


P1000236She finally let go ... poor giraffe couldn't figure out why he wasn't getting his leaves.

P1000237Unfortunately, this was the only shot I got of Felicity feeding the Giraffe. They ask you not to touch the Giraffe or make any loud noises, so I held Felicity to try to ensure she stayed calm, which basically meant I had Felicity in my right arm and the camera in my left trying to guess where to aim it.


Cecilia, Felicity and the Cheetah ... on a break.


Cecilia, Felicity and the Zebras...


Another highlight of the Baltimore Zoo is its Barnyard Area. Felicity fell asleep for her midday nap just before we got there, but Cecilia had a wonderful time petting the goats, playing with the donkeys... who apparently were short on fiber...


riding the tractor bikes....

P1000258Sliding down the big barn slide...

P1000261and posing for pictures...


Both girls seemed to really enjoy their trip to the zoo and the weather was absolutely perfect. Cecilia even calls it "my trip."

We will be going with our TORCH group to a local farm for a hayride, animal feeding, corn maze and pumpkin picking in mid October. But I might see if I can squeeze in an apple picking trip before then. We'll see. I can only throw Elizabeth's nap schedule off so often.

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