Friday, October 9, 2009

A Morning on the Farm

Well, I'd been promising and promising the girls we would go apple and pumpkin picking and we finally made it out to the farm. We went to a farm near Gaithersburg called Homestead Farm and I do highly recommend a visit if you are in the neighborhood. It was clean, family friendly, flexible and a lot of fun.

First we went apple picking.


The main apples available for picking were Pink Ladys, so I told the girls to look for ones that were as pinkish as possible.

P1000285We met another couple of families there from our parish and one mom kindly offered to take a group shot of us, which was especially nice as it is actually the first picture I have of ALL five of us.

P1000289Cecilia has been asking and asking recently to see a ladybug. I know she has seen them before but since when would such a small fact be of importance? Fortunately, and amazingly considering how late in the year it is and how chilly it has been lately, we found one on one of the apples. The girls admired it until the little bug flew off.

P1000290Daddy was especially helpful in reaching the higher ones.

P1000292I told the girls they had to put the apples in the basket very gently. A few still got thrown but for the most part they were very careful. Don't want to bruise the apples now.

P1000293It was not a tiny orchard and look at all those apples!

P1000294Cecilia and Felicity practiced turning and twisting the apples before pulling them and they came off quite easily.

P1000297We filled one basket with apples and bought almost $30 worth of delicious apples. You can see a bee on the apple to the far right. Bees were a problem. It had been quite cool for several days before and yet today it got up to 80 which sent the bees out and about in quite a flurry.

P1000299Felicity was even able to help twist and pick apples that were hanging lower. We just had to keep her from trying to take bites of each one.


They also have several chicken coups, which Felicity didn't hesitate to visit and say, "Hello."

P1000305Cecilia was very partial to their calf. They also had sheep and impressively clean pink piggies.

P1000316Both girls fed the goats who were all to happy for the extra chow.

P1000317I can't say I think many goats are cute but this one definitely wins a prize.

P1000308They had a really great selection of pumpkins. I didn't see a bad one among the lot. But we could only take two.

P1000313The fruits of our labor (and fun!).

P1000323The girls were willing to pose in their fun sign so I held Elizabeth up for a picture. Felicity is the witch, Elizabeth the scarecrow and Cecilia the pumpkin.


Of course, we couldn't take just one. Felicity is the witch, Cecilia the scarecrow and Daddy the pumpkin.

P1000326I finally convinced Felicity to be the pumpkin since it was lower and easier for her to get her head in. Cecilia took Felicity's place as the witch and Daddy became the scarecrow.

P1000329Notice Felicity sticking her tongue out.

It was a really good day and a whole lot of fun. And the results?

P1000330P1000331P1000332James and I were only disappointed we couldn't join them. There is more fun coming up though...

P1000333Carving, pie, muffins and bread to come....... yummy!

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