Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



Cecilia had watched Toy Story recently.

Cecilia: I want to go to outer space!

Me: Maybe you can one day. You want to be an astronaut? An Astronaut is someone who goes into outer space.

Cecilia: Yes. I want to go into outer space.

Me: Okay. Well, maybe one day you will.

Cecilia: I ride in the back and you drive.


On Tuesday, I went upstairs when Elizabeth woke up and tried to take advantage of a few minutes to put clean sheets and pillowcases on our bed. I had stripped the bed when I had to go do something but was able to watch and listen from a distance.

Cecilia and Felicity had hopped onto our king bed and were bouncing on it. The next thing I saw was Cecilia, stark naked, getting on clean underwear. I was a little confused but, hey, at least she was putting them on instead of taking them off. Then I noticed Felicity. She had removed her diaper and was bouncing on our bed stark naked. Unable to deal with the situation myself yet, I just began praying for no accidents. Then I hear Cecilia say, "Oh, Sweetheart! You have no diaper on." Cecilia then got down, went to the changing table and got a diaper, albeit one of Elizabeth's diapers but still a diaper. I then heard Cecilia say, "Felicity, hold still. Felicity, no. Bad. Hold still." Felicity was just giggling up a storm enjoying her lack of cooperation with her big sister. Felicity made her escape downstairs and Cecilia pursued but when they returned upstairs Cecilia had given up and I was finally able to corner Felicity and get a diaper on her. But it was priceless watching my 3 year old reprimand my 1 year old for not cooperating in letting her put on her diaper.


I watched two movies this week:

Pom Poko: Another Studio Ghibli film. James liked this one. I just found it too strange. Directed by Isao Takahata, it is the story of a group of raccoon-like creatures, some of whom can transform into just about anything, who try to stop the destruction of their forest by the construction of a housing development. The creatures are based on a raccoon-dog-like creature found in Japan and found in Japanese folk-lore. For Nintendo fans, you may recall where Mario finds a leaf he transforms into a raccoon - that is from one of the legends. I simply could not get past the animation of the "raccoon's" "pouches" and how they use them. Not a bad film, but just too strange for me.

On Moonlight Bay: Doris Day plays a tomboy turned feminine female in this 1951 romantic comedy. There were aspects of this one I thought silly, but it also had its cute and nostalgic moments as well. Overall, I enjoyed it. I won't be buying it or anything, but I am curious to see it's sequel By the Light of the Silvery Moon.


Felicity has taken a consistent interest in her doll that she calls "Baby." She kisses it and carries it around and hugs it and gives it rides in her toy shopping cart. It is so adorable. She also has an avid interest in animals. She can spend hours looking at animals and asking me the names of them. She currently finds the Bush Baby to be the most amusing although I think that is a combination of the Bush Baby's eyes and the fact that it has "baby" in it's name but certainly doesn't look anything like Elizabeth.


I went to the doctor yesterday about my stomach. He thinks it is some virus. I haven't had a fever or thrown up or anything but I've had sharp stabbing pains to my stomach which have mellowed out til my stomach area feels bruised. I still feel sore and my stomach can be sensitive, but it is improving. It is definitely one of the stranger viruses I've had though.


I was trying to finish my Divine Office Morning Prayer this morning when Cecilia got out the keyboard, began randomly hitting the keys, and instructed me to sing. So, I began attempting to sing the Intentions from my IBreviary. After the printed intentions, I have list of personal ones I say every day so I began singing "God bless our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. God bless ...." When I had finished I sang the Pater Noster.

Later this morning, we were singing some songs from Go In And Out The Window and Cecilia started singing her own song based off my earlier prayers. Cecilia began singing "God bless Papa. God bless ..." Papa is Grandpa. So precious.


Isn't it great when YOUR imagination works well?!? It seems like the best ways to teach my children are the most imaginative ways.

This morning Cecilia decided she wanted the Learning Puppy while Felicity was playing with it. It isn't the kind of thing you can share easily either, so I told her she had to wait until Felicity had finished her turn with it. Cecilia complained, "But I want it." Of course I told her we don't always get everything we want but, she is 3, guess how far that went.

Later this morning Cecilia gave me a hug and I decided I wanted a kiss. So I asked for one. She wouldn't give me one. So I began teasing her whining, "But I want it." She began giggling and laughing at my charade.

I have to remember this game the next time sharing isn't really an option and the one without the toy 1) needs attention, 2) needs to calm down and laugh instead of cry and 3) needs to learn that sometimes we don't always get what we want.

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  1. I loved the outer space conversation and the diaper-changing chase. So cute - both things that could happen in my household. Kids this age are so much fun. Crazy! But so much fun :)