Friday, October 16, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



I watched Romance on the high seas starring Doris Day. When suspicious socialite Elvira Kent (Janis Paige) asks nightclub singer Georgia Garrett (Doris Day) to take her place on an expensive cruise so she can stay home and catch her husband cheating, Georgia happily agrees. But neither woman is aware that Elvira's husband is also keeping an eye on his wife. This farce-filled Hollywood musical marked Day's debut on film, a role she landed because Betty Hutton became pregnant and had to back out. It wasn't one of my favorites. It was okay but there were just elements of it that made it so silly that I couldn't look past them.

I also watched The Little Foxes starring Bette Davis. Conniving, turn-of-the-century, Southern aristocrat Regina Giddens (Bette Davis) values nothing more than wealth and social position. When she and her two brothers (played by Charles Dingle and Carl Benton Reid) scheme mercilessly to make a fortune on a new cotton mill, Regina lets nothing stand in her way -- not even her husband's life or her daughter's love. Director William Wyler adapted Lillian Hellman's play for the silver screen. I found the first 30 - 45 minutes somewhat dull and difficult to watch as most of the screen time was of characters I didn't like. But it vastly improved once Mr. Giddens returns home and his daughter becomes a more prominent part of the picture. The title is taken from Song of Songs 2:15 "Catch us the foxes, the little foxes, that damage the vineyards; for our vineyards are in bloom!" The foxes are those people who threaten to destroy the security of love symbolized by the vineyard. As long as you can get past the first 30 minutes, I do recommend this one. It is a strong picture and worth the viewing.


We gutted and carved pumpkins on Wednesday. I picked a stencil along the easier lines to carve but still one the girls would like. I also picked up a battery-operated multi-color light to go in the pumpkin as candles and 3 and 1 year olds do not mix.



P1000337Felicity especially is an Elmo fan.


I hate stink bugs. We have had three invade our home recently. Fortunately only one "went off." The second one was on the door so I used a fly swatter to usher it outside. But the third I spent two days chasing until I finally caught him in a jar on the ceiling. He got sealed in a ziplock bag and was disposed of. Have you ever smelled those things? Geez! What was God thinking of with those stinkers!?!


Elizabeth went through a growth spurt this week. I always take a mug of water with me to bed but I usually don't need much during the night. A few nights in the last week I've woken up so thirsty I couldn't swallow or my gums were stuck to my lips. I simply haven't been able to keep up. I've been drinking so much water I get tired of it. So I upped my iced tea drinking to get more water but with flavor.


I also hurt my back this week. I'm not really sure how but I know I was wiping the table after the pumpkin carving and bending over slightly when something suddenly hurt and made me afraid to move. Something in my lower back seemed to have snapped. I could walk okay but I could not bend over for anything. Fortunately, I was using my leg to lift something up and as I lifted my knee up, something popped right again. I have been able to bend over since though my lower back is definitely sore. I am trying to be careful. Not being able to bend over with 3 young children is not an option.


Hell's Kitchen ended this week. I honestly would have been happy with either of the two finalists winning. Dave and Kevin were clearly accomplished chefs and had worked very hard to get where they were. Kevin's accent drove me crazy (nothing personal to any Bostonians) but both were clearly good enough to win.

The Biggest Loser: Does anyone besides me want Tracey to go home asap? I understand it is a game, but come on, this is not the final four and she seems to be able to do nothing but hurt people. The people on this show aren't there so much for the money as they are for the opportunity to change their lives and she seems ready to use anything and anyone to her ends regardless of the consequences. Since she seems so capable of losing weight with little or no exercise, send her home to do it!


Cecilia sees a school bus go buy our house twice every weekday. She keeps asking to go to school. I've told her that she is going to have school at home and I am going to be her teacher. She had no problem with this news but has since been begging me to have school with her. Now, she has been learning quite a bit at home. But I thought we could try to start practicing writing a bit more. The biggest problem with this idea is that, unlike Felicity who is usually meticulous in how she holds a crayon, Cecilia can hold any writing utensil in about 15 different ways. She isn't consistent and usually isn't correct. So, my first priority is going to be getting her to make basic lines and loops while holding the pencil correctly. I know they have correctors you can buy and put on the pencil. Has anyone had success with these?

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  1. I like the idea of the battery light, is that a torch.