Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Felicity's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a small get together for Felicity in honor of her 2nd Birthday.

Felicity specifically asked for a Tinker Bell cake.

Around the table from left to right: Olga (my brother's girlfriend), Jon (my brother), Kristen and Andy (Felicity's Godparents), my mom and dad:

Felicity had crashed for a 30 minute nap shortly before the cake, so she was a bit sensitive when it came time for the cake. She sat in my lap and just watched everyone sing to her and then was very accommodating when Cecilia offered to blow out the candle for her. That's what are big sisters for!

Since the party was on her Name Day (and it would help while Felicity opened her presents), Cecilia got a present too. We got her the DVD/CD of They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science. We will preview it first but I've seen a few of them already and those have been good.

And Cecilia was heroic in her restraint while she watched Felicity open her presents. She took on the role of wrapper picker-upper and eagerly anticipated Felicity opening each one. Felicity got quite a few books and a few toys as well. We got her a plush Bolt, who she adores.

She was also ecstatic to get the DVD up from my parents.

Also from my parents were a play set of the 7 dwarfs, the prince with his horse, and Snow White with 3 changeable outfits. She has changed clothes numerous times in the last few days.

Both girls were very good and had a fun time. Cecilia is eagerly anticipating her own birthday in January. She is counting down through Grandpa's birthday and Jesus' birthday knowing hers comes after that.


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