Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seven Quick Takes



Well, Felicity, who will turn 2 years old in a week, has figured out and mastered how to use the doorknob. Double trouble.


Well, after talking to moms, reading and researching, I think I have figured out some key points regarding our future Kindergarten curriculum. I think I am going to use Mother of Divine Grace as the core of my curriculum and supplement with Seton, A Beka and maybe some others.


Did it seem to anyone else like the leaves changed colors and then fell from the branches before there was enough time to really enjoy them? I mean, they were on our branches all colored about a week and then, "poof!" they were gone. I know we have had a lot of rain lately and that plus the wind would have helped knock the leaves off the branches, but still, I feel like Autumn came and I missed it's peak!


Cecilia in her Tinker Bell costume:


She tried to fly off the sofa:



Felicity in her Minnie Mouse dress:



Felicity has been refusing to nap. I've tried everything in the afternoon and the only thing that works is taking her for a car ride, which I simply cannot do every day. I don't know what else to do but just encourage her to nap but let her skip when she wants to. Though she has gotten much better about not having meltdowns before bedtime despite not having a nap, it still makes for a longer day.


My grandparents got their first computer and are using email! Yeah! It is so nice to have them just a click away!

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