Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To the District

I generally avoid the District if I can. The traffic is insane, the parking expensive, and it makes it a complex journey with three little ones. But since my brother and his girlfriend were here for a visit and she had never been to D.C., we took a morning and went in. The weather wasn't great. Fortunately the rain held off til near the end of our sight-seeing, but due to time and rain we did make it a short visit.

We did stop by the Vietnam Memorial.

Fortunately, the Vietnam Memorial is right near the Lincoln Memorial, which was the one Olga said she most wanted to see. Can't say as I blame her. It is one of my favorites.

With a double stroller, we took the elevator up and, not knowing when I'd be back, I had to get a couple of shots of my girls.

Cecilia adores posing for the camera so she was happy to oblige.

They had drained the reflecting pool in front of the Memorial and it was cloudy, but it is still a neat view.

Cecilia was particularly fond of the view. I think that was her favorite part. She might have loved running up and down the stairs, but I told her she couldn't since they were wet and wet marble stairs can be slippery.

James has been having some discussions about ways in which our national religion might have become worshiping the country rather than God. So I took this shot for him when I noticed the word "temple" in the inscription. Plus, Lincoln is my favorite president and it is an awesome statue.

My brother Jon and his girlfriend Olga:

On the way back to the car, Cecilia said she got tired and even sat on the ground refusing to walk. So I put her in the stroller and carried Elizabeth while Elizabeth wore a blanket over her head to keep her dry. Since I was carrying Elizabeth though, Jon pushed the stroller. I had to get a picture.


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