Monday, December 7, 2009

Blessed Advent and Feast of St. Nicholas!

Well, the weekend after Thanksgiving began Advent, so I pulled out the Advent Wreath, Advent Calendar and purple chains.

However, due to unusual circumstances, I also had to begin putting up Christmas decorations earlier than I otherwise would. So we also have all our stockings up:

We got out our nativity and, after some interesting negotiations with toddlers and small children over lights and ornaments, we also got up our Christmas tree.

But the fact we have our Christmas decorations has not negated the fact it isn't here yet.

Since I've had small children, I've become quite attached to two particular saints, one of whom is St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children. So there was no way we were not going to celebrate his feast day. I don't think the girls minded.

I insisted the girls wait until the afternoon to indulge in the onslaught of sugar, but they relished it once they did.Each girl got a chocolate St. Nicholas, a candy cane, and chocolate coins.

Felicity proved again to be my silent creative one when she bit off St. Nick's head and used his body as a bank for all her chocolate coins.

Maybe next year they can find some real coins in their shoes to put in their piggy banks, but right now Felicity too easily puts all sorts of things in her mouth.

The result?

They didn't finish all of it on Sunday (thank goodness) so each has a bowl of their own remnants which will be eaten soon enough I'm sure.

Blessed Advent!

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