Monday, December 7, 2009

My Snow Angels

I know some of our neighbors in the Midwest decided to jump the gun and begin winter in October, but this past weekend, we got our first snow of the season. All day Saturday Cecilia excitedly watched the snow fall and by Sunday was asking to go out and play at 7:30 in the morning. As it was only 27 degrees at the time, I made her wait until after Church. But once the girls got out there, they had a blast.

In true Christmas Story fashion, each girl was completely bundled to the point of limiting movement but it made for a warmer, and hence longer, play time.

Grandpa joined them and helped give them snowballs. Cecilia enjoyed throwing them at Papa, me, and the wall.

Felicity preferred throwing them off the deck.

Although most of the snow had been crunched beneath their feet, they did try to make snow angels:

Of course, with snow, you have eat at least a little ... or a lot.

We eventually moved on to kicking the snowball sending snow everywhere. This led to wanting snow on our heads. I sprinkled a bit on the girls heads before dusting it off and putting back on their hoods, but Cecilia preferred the snowtop look.

Which led to throwing snowballs up in the air and trying to have them land one her head.

She got quite a kick out of hitting herself with a snowball.

Both girls had so much fun in the snow, they are sad to see it melting, but I'm sure there will be more snow before the season is over. Here is one last shot of Felicity I got while she was enjoying simply laying in the snow.

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