Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Self Potty-Training

Felicity has stunned us lately, but I suppose her general desire to do everything her big sister does should have prepared us.

All on her own, Felicity has been asking to use the potty. She begins chanting, "Potty too! Potty too!" But more than a mere desire to be "big," she actually uses the potty too. Often when she asks to use the potty and we sit her on it, she does pee. Not a lot. Not every time. But often. I really wasn't planning on starting to potty train her until after the New Year began but I certainly won't discourage her.

It is not all the time, but she is excited about using the potty and began training herself already. I have reason to hope potty-training Felicity may be a lot easier than potty-training Cecilia all because, by being a big sister, Cecilia is, albeit unknowingly, helping.

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