Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well, I shoveled the driveway for the third and final time this morning. So far it is the cleanest in the neighborhood.

Walkway clear? Check!

Stairs clear? Check!

Street clear? Well, not yet. But I am NOT volunteering.

It was amazingly wonderful this morning to see how this Nor'Easter made neighbors out of our street. Neighbors were helping each other shovel. One woman who couldn't shovel was making cheese and egg omelets for anyone who helped shovel her driveway. Someone had a radio of Christmas music going from their garage. It was really a very nice and unusually neighborly morning on our street.

As the sun works its way up in the sky, it is helping to melt just enough to start drying our driveway.

Tunneling the sidewalk!

Piled high!

You can still see where the snow is still piled up on the sides. I thought it might help with the wind (and hence ice) to leave it like that.

Mountains in suburban Maryland. The Honda in the road is indeed stuck there. The two men are shoveling it out.

The backyard buried.

This is under our deck where the snow was piled by the wind.

You can see the tomato and jalapeno planterns are simply buried.

The Deck.

You can see the second ruler I buried. The top there is 2 feet, which it exceeded just a little to the right of this picture.

I shoveled enough so we could open the door without snow falling in. More like tunneling.

The snow is still soft and fluffy so maybe we will get to make a snowman yet.

What do girls with a cold do when they can't play in the snow? Eat snow bowls of course? Cecilia went for the strawberry while Felicity prefers the Blue Raspberry.

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