Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season...

Seasons are funny things. They come and they go and yet we are always in them, and not just one at a time either. In a week, my favorite season of the year, Autumn, will be over and my second favorite of Winter will officially begin but their beginnings and endings are hardly so well defined outside of a calendar.

I'm in another season as well. I'm in that joyful season of wiping chins, reinforcing rules, reading picture books, giving piggy-back rides, and teaching all sorts of things from how to count to how to brush teeth. Of course, I have my own projects as well. My quilt project has stalled a bit but I did finish my Liturgical Yearbook for our family. I began it in February/March of 2007. It is 276 pages and I am looking forward to printing it up and making use of it next year.

And, within my current season of life, each of my children are growing through seasons of their own.

Cecilia surprised me this morning when she counted from 1 to 29 perfectly. She then tried to count twenty-thirty, but she did really well. She has also taken a real likening to showers. She prefers to shower rather than take a bath. She will be turning 4 next month and is getting a bit big for me to carry for very long. She has a wonderful imagination and finds ways to recycle things I never could have come up with. For example, she takes the pine needles that fall off the Christmas tree and uses them as "grass" for her play farm animals. I am planning on beginning some schooling with her in February - we will see how it goes, but she seems excited for it.

Felicity is learning more and more words and learning them pretty quickly. She greets me every morning with a hug and a "Morning!" She insists on helping escort Cecilia whenever Cecilia needs to use the potty and then she says "too!" and wants to try sitting on it as well. She wants to be big like her big sister using the potty, using adult forks at the table, going wherever Cecilia goes and never being left out of anything. We try our best to accommodate her, but, so far, she has not been as fond of showers as her sister. She also tries to rebel against her daily nap. Some days she succeeds and some days she succumbs.

Elizabeth had some banana mush this morning. She still spits more out than seems to get in, but she is working on it. She is also very close to crawling. She can get up on all fours and move one arm she just keeps moving it back instead of forward. She also is not fond of falling face forward. She is getting so big though and loves being played with by just about anyone but especially her sisters. She has got a killer grip and grabs at anything and everything - we have to be especially careful when anyone's hair is within reach.

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season we are sharing as well as the season of your life.

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