Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grandma's Disney Photos

My mom had some great shots I didn't have and she emailed them to me. So here they are:

Elizabeth with my brother Jon. Yeah, he can break hearts.

Elizabeth with my brother Michael. You can see the warm cover I had to have Elizabeth in part of the time.

Elizabeth falls asleep in the carrier bundled with the blanket over her head and nestled in my jacket.

Each of the girls got a lollipop large enough to beat off contending kids on the rides. But doesn't Felicity look like the cutest sweetheart with hers?!

The Muppet Vision 3D movie required these snazzy 3D glasses. Cecilia loved them so much she refused to take them off after we left the theater. One Disney cast member saw her wearing them outside and warned her not to damage her eyes with them, so I think they understood about not getting them back but I did later buy her kid sunglasses to wean her off these before she began seeing everything double.

I didn't get any pictures of Cecilia on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground but fortunately Grandma ventured in and got this cute shot of her in the spider web. Papa (my dad) is the only one who can keep up with her when she is in that playground.

My attempt to get a group shot was a total failure as I had hit some camera function that turned the room into black void. Fortunately Grandma got some. From left to right: Papa (my dad), Cecilia, Felicity, James, Elizabeth, yours truly, Michael and Michael's friend Dylan.

Continuing around the table, again from left to right: Michael, his friend Dylan, Jon's girlfriend Olga, Jon, Papa, Cecilia and Felicity.

Now, since Grandma got the group shots, she was not in them. I was usually juggling Elizabeth or some little girl or other but when I wasn't, my pictures were all of my girls or what would interest them. However! I did happen to catch Grandma in one picture of her taking a picture. Will it win an award? No, but at least it gets part of Grandma on here.......

Grandma photographing Cecilia!

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