Thursday, January 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

I know I haven't blogged much since we got back. I've been cleaning. A lot. I actually intentionally planned for 3 weeks in January primarily for cleaning. I've even been shampooing the carpets this week.

Cecilia's 4th birthday is coming up in a week and she has asked for an ice cream cake for her birthday. She is counting down to her birthday. We stopped by Baskin Robbins yesterday to order her cake after her dentist appointment. It was her third time to see the dentist and she is doing so well. She didn't understand we had to wait for Nancy to be ready and tried to walk on in but once she found out they had some books for me to read to her, she didn't mind waiting. When Nancy called us back, I assumed my position in the dental chair. Cecilia does not like the chair. I think if she controlled its movement, she might view it more like a little ride, but since it moves without her doing anything, she does not like the chair. So, she sits on my lap. Once she was in my lap though, she just opened her mouth and was ready to get down to business. Nancy is so good with the little kids. When she is ready to check their teeth, she tells Cecilia she is going to count her teeth. Slowly, checking each tooth, she counts the bottom and then the top and acts all excited that Cecilia has <gasp> 20 teeth! Cecilia always smiles that she has such a bounty of teeth. Nancy tells her that is exactly how many teeth she should have right now. She lets Cecilia pick between the "Candy Cane" toothpaste and cherry toothpaste. Cecilia opted for cherry and then Nancy lets Cecilia feel the tooth cleaner tickle her finger before she puts the toothpaste on and "tickles" her teeth with it. Cecilia let her clean all her teeth. We skipped the fluoride since I didn't know just how Cecilia would react to trying to keep it in her mouth for a minute without swallowing. Our dentist stopped in to say hi and check Cecilia's teeth. Nancy then asked Cecilia if she wanted a pirate balloon or a snowman balloon. Cecilia said snowman so Nancy blew up a rubber glove and tied a piece of dental floss to it and colored the thumb orange and drew on coal eyes and a mouth. Then Cecilia got her new toothbrush and got to pick a toy from their prize bin. She picked a kaleidoscope. By the time we leave the dentist's office she has a booty of a toy, a balloon and a new toothbrush. She rather likes going, which, I think, makes our dentist trips a success in more ways than just one.

Elizabeth is crawling all over the place. She is getting faster too. Fortunately she doesn't have the proficiency and speed yet to catch me off guard, but she is getting there. We also need to lower the crib. Two days ago she pulled herself up standing and almost dove head first to the carpet. Fortunately James was monitoring. Her eating has become a bit strange though. I try to offer her some "solid" foods three times a day but, generally, two of those three times she squirms, makes faces, grimaces and cries as though I were trying to make her eat worms. But the third meal, which is usually dinner, she will eat an entire container. She also fights me on vegetables but devours fruits. Yet, despite this apparent sweet tooth, she likes plain cheerios and teething biscuits. I do suspect she is teething though and maybe that is playing into her eating habits.

This morning, Felicity figured out how to play a little game on my Ipod Touch that Cecilia has been having trouble how to play. Cecilia saw her and said, "You figure out how to play that game. I'm so proud of you honey!" Then, rubbing her on the head said, "You are a smart cookie! You get a medal!" and then she put an imaginary medal on Felicity's chest. Priceless.

Felicity asked Cecilia to help her get dressed this morning. Then when Cecilia tried to help, Felicity began a game of tag. Glad to know it isn't just me.

Cecilia has outgrown her booster seat. In fact it was hurting her knees when her legs would rub on the underside of the table. So we have retired her booster seat.

Why is it Charlotte's Web can always make me cry? I'm such a wuss!

During our trip I read Flaubert's Madame Bovary. What a downer. An okay book, but I won't be revisiting it. Too depressing and not many likable characters. I am now about 100 pages into Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. This is actually the first autobiography I think I will have ever read of a politician.

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