Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queenship of the Home - Part 2

There are some other plans I have for the improvement of my home this year.

Since I have finished the Liturgical Yearbook I spent 2 years writing and editing (I'll put up pictures later), my new project will be editing, experimenting, and trying to perfect our family recipe book which has become a jumbled mess of want-to-try recipes and magazine clippings and recipes that need to be edited after experiment attempts. James is a much better cook than I am, so having a recipe book on hand for myself it really important for me to feel organized in the kitchen. I don't cook quite off the cuff the way he can and does.

I began a quilt project last year. I made great headway until October when it fell by the wayside. I want to finish it this year. I have the border squares finished so it is really the center pieces that I need to do. They are bigger and hence there are fewer of them but they are not quite geometrically designed as the border squares were.

I have also made a schedule to begin Cecilia's homeschooling in February. I don't know how it will go so I only worked out a schedule for myself for February. She has been eager to learn though and asks me to teach her and help her practice writing and such so it seemed like as good a time as any to begin and see how things go. I may do a more detailed post on that later but suffice to say that it is on my agenda and I plan to begin on February 1st.

I also hope to get everyone on a better schedule beginning this week. An important part of that will be cutting back the girls' TV/DVD time. ... yes, again. Yesterday, their first day cut back cold turkey, was a bit of a challenge but today seems better. It was just silly to try to do so before our trip but now that we are back and things are clean and in order, I want to try to get everyone on a bit more predictable of a schedule. I also hope to be able to improve everyone's sleep. None of the girls sleep really well and I'm hoping to remedy that. Also, this will be the first Lent in a long time that I am not pregnant or recovering with a newborn so I hope to make this Lent truly Lenten. I haven't worked out all the details about that yet, but I still have a little time.

Another thing I need to do is catch up our photo albums. I think it has been almost a year since I put pictures in an album.

As a small cute anecdote, I'll share this. Yesterday we invented a new game. I call it the "Yucky Food" game. Basically each person takes a turn thinking of 2 foods that would not go well together and then everyone says, "Ewww!" We had such combinations as honey mustard and pizza, chocolate with pickles and gravy with popcorn. Eventually Cecilia got so tired last night she forgot to pick foods and would just say her "stinky toes!" and fall down laughing.

I have to stop here now but hopefully I'll have more at a later time and updates as to how things are going. God Bless!

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