Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

See Conversion Diary for more snippits!

I have some pictures I've been saving, so I thought some of my quick takes would be sharing them.


Since we got back from Disney, the girls have been really enjoying dressing up as Disney characters. We currently have costumes for three but I only have pictures of two. Here is Felicity as Minnie Mouse. She is trying to take a picture with Cecilia's digital camera but sometimes she isn't sure which side is the front and which is the back, so she ends up flashing herself in the face.

Here is Felicity as Tinker Bell. She is finally not shying away from the camera and enjoying making poses.


Cecilia really loves dressing up. She's asked for a Cinderella dress for her birthday. Here she is as Tinker Bell, who is currently her favorite.

She even pretends to fly by jumping off the sofa.


It finally dried up enough for the girls to enjoy a little time outside. So we brought out the bubbles and the balls and the chalk and when they were done, I had a deck masterpiece.


Since Elizabeth became mobile 4 weeks ago she has picked up speed and grown in courage. She gets everywhere now. I loved, loved, loved this shot of how happy she was moving around.

She will also pull herself up until she is standing on just about anything. She is absolutely loving it.


Earlier this week, Felicity declared she didn't want a Cars pull-up, nor a Snow White Pull-up nor a Cinderella pull-up. She was adamant that she wanted to wear underwear like Cecilia. I had no objection to trying. So I got out some underwear in her size and, realizing there would be some messes, I thought we would give it a try. The fact that she went in her underwear didn't surprise me. It was her first time wearing them and she only turned 2 in November. But, unlike Cecilia who was much older when we tried this experiment, Felicity not only didn't mind wetting herself but she didn't even realize where it had come from or that it had even happened. When she saw the puddle on the floor, she came and got me and said there was water ("wani" as she says it) on the floor. So, after two wet underwear with no understanding of what was happening or why on her part, I simply decided she wasn't ready yet and insisted she pick one of the aforementioned pull-ups. She happily complied with a Cinderella one. I'm still impressed she insists on being changed and cleaned in the bathroom, says "potty" when she needs to be changed, wants to sit on the potty every time she is changed, and will sometimes pee in the potty. The underwear will just have to wait until she is ready.


On Sunday, Elizabeth turned 7 months old. Although she had only been gaining a half of a pound per month the last couple of months, in January she packed on 1 pound and 3 ounces bringing her up to 16 pounds and 2 ounces. Teething, standing, crawling .... there is no stopping this little lady.


Today Cecilia, my first, my baby ... :::sniff, sniff::: turns 4 years old. It is a reality not easily comprehended for me. She is getting so big so fast. She even reminds me that one day I need to teach her how to drive.

She has been asking for a couple weeks now to go to our nearby Chick Fila, eat lunch, and play on the playground. So, after I go food shopping this morning, we will be taking her to Chick Fila for lunch and some playground fun. We generally get there around 10:30, when they begin serving lunch, and let the girls play in the playground for a bit. No one else is there yet, which is the way Felicity likes it. Then we eat lunch. Then the girls get to play in the playground again for a bit and usually other kids are there by then, which is how Cecilia prefers it.

We are also going to see if we can get to the mall for a carousel ride ... or two ... or three. While there I plan to buy her birthday card which I've conveniently forgotten to buy and some more wrapping paper which I ran out of wrapping her birthday presents. And, since I also have a $10 coupon to L.L. Bean, we will be making a stop there to see about some rain boots.

We will be having cake and presents on Saturday afternoon/evening when Cecilia's godparents will be joining us and Cecilia will force grandpa to play with her nonstop for 3 hours (not that he minds .... too much, especially if she is kind enough to include a sit-down game or two). So there will be a separate birthday post for her later, but I have to give a shout-out for her today.



  1. Wonderful pictures! I loved the one of TinkerBell flying through the air!

    Have a fantastic time celebrating today! Be in the moment. Driving lessons will come soon enough.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Cute pix! We were at Disney over the holidays and I really wanted to buy dress-up clothes, but I just felt that my daughter wasn't ready yet, so we saved the $$...

    BTW, you are the first person I've ever seen who was Elinor Dashwood! Everybody else is Elizabeth Bennett! :)

  3. Wow your girls are smiling in every picture! So cute. :)

  4. I love all the pictures and smiles!! What gorgeous girls you all make :)

    Happy B-day Cecelia!!!!!!

  5. Much thanks to everyone!

    Kathleen, I've seen a lot of Elizabeth Bennett's too. On Facebook I came out Elizabeth Bennett but I thought it was neat being Elinor Dashwood - I am not witty enough to be Elizabeth!

    God Bless!