Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small Success

Celebrating the little things.

1. I broke into my daughter's piggy bank! Well, I didn't actually break anything. And, actually, it isn't a piggy bank; it is a Minnie Mouse bank. But I did empty it of all its money and roll $2 worth of pennies to deposit in the bank for her. Her Minnie Mouse bank had gotten so heavy from coins I began to get worried either daughter could drop it and break a toe ... or a foot ... or the floor. It is much lighter and her bank account is $2 richer!

2. I finally succeeded in making a decent house from blankets in our living room per Cecilia's request. It is no small feat. Felicity is a pro at knocking any pillows down and chairs Elizabeth would try to climb under or try to stand up while holding on to and then easily fall. And Cecilia wanted it big enough for her to be able to move around a bit while inside it. Talk about construction hazards. But I used our DVD case to hold one side of the blankets with their little sofa on top and then used Elizabeth's rings to secure the other end of the blankets to Elizabeth's bassinet. It even has a castle entrance!

3. I never got to Sam's last week. So I really wanted to get there this week. So yesterday I packed all 3 girls in the car and drove to Sam's. Elizabeth in a Baby Bjorn and Cecilia and Felicity in the cart, I covered the store for my monthly stock-up. It isn't easy bending over to pick up a 32 case of bottled water with a baby strapped to your front. Poor Elizabeth wound up in the freezers when I picked up vegetables and bacon. Cecilia and Felicity were both very good though I had to laugh when, with a cart getting ever more full and carrying or pushing 3 children Cecilia excitedly shouted, "Go Faster!" Despite an unkind checker, I survived Sam's with three small children in tow we are now well stocked on meats, frozen veggies, cleaning supplies and paper products.

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  1. LOL! #3 made me laugh out loud ("Poor Elizabeth wound up in the freezers when I picked up vegetables and bacon."). Sounds like a great week! :)

  2. LOVE the blanket house! My munchkins are always asking for one & each is never the same as the one before. Thanks for the laugh on your shopping trip. Shopping w/ kids is always an adventure, isn't it?

  3. Awesome Fort! And I am still trying to summon enough bravery to grocery shop alone with my 3, I had it down with 2, but 3 is a whole new game!

  4. Love the fort, and the image of the baby in the freezer. That should be sent as a funny story to like Reader's Digest or Faith and Family :)

    AWESOME for!!! I'm so impressed!

    Thank you for being so gracious to me today. You have no idea what a lift your kind words were to me today after this week. I feel I don't deserve them, but you blessed me with them. I wish you an amazing week!

    God Bless you!!!!

  5. Much thanks to everyone. God Bless!