Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Carrot Nose and Wagonwheel Eyes...

We woke up to the most beautiful morning.

One of the wonderful things about staying home with my kids and homeschooling is that we can alter our schedule however we want. So we began our school schedule on a delayed schedule and, once I got Elizabeth asleep for her morning nap, headed outside for some fun in the snow.The snow was absolutely perfect for snowballs and snowmen, so, of course, we had to make one.

Cecilia had a lot of fun making him with me. I had the plastic pipe from a snowman kit my aunt gave me years ago. The carrot came from the fridge but I was at a bit of a loss for eyes and I thought it would be nice for Elizabeth to contribute, so we used two Gerber Wagonwheels. His head came out a bit bigger than his body, but as you can see from Cecilia, who is over 3 feet tall now, that it wasn't a mini snowman.

Felicity is not, as yet, as tolerant of the cold or treading through 5 inches of snow so she was only so into it, but she did help some. She also struggled to use her mittens efficiently which made doing anything with her hands more difficult. But she was a sport and posed for me with Cecilia and Mr. Snowman.

We came inside with bowls of snow and put some flavored topping on it and had snow "cones" while we began working on Cecilia's subject of choice - handwriting. It seems to be her favorite subject so far. In fact we spent over a solid hour mostly working on writing letters. She had been willing to trace any letter but today she began trying to write them without tracing. I raved about her attempts and I think it really boosted her confidence. She often will only want to "learn" what she is already pretty good at. She loves sounding out letters but she freezes at pronouncing words because she doesn't feel as comfortable and confident about it. So for her to exit her comfort zone and try to write the letters on her own was fantastic.

Yesterday we did only a little school since Cecilia's arm was sore. It is still red and warm and sore today but Motrin seems to be helping. We really only did Handwriting and some work on opposites and letters and the like today, but, again one of the marvelous things about homeschooling is that we can set our own pace and schedule and everything. Cecilia spent over an hour today learning and she enjoyed every minute of it ... with a snowcone!

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