Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Felicity's Baptism Anniversary

I realize we have not celebrated Baptism anniversaries previously, although it has been something I have wanted to do.

There was a present we wanted to get Felicity. But how to give it to her without lessening Cecilia's birthday was a concern. After all, Cecilia didn't get a big gift at Felicity's birthday and while this gift was not insanely expensive, it wasn't small. So, it seems God ushered us into celebrating Baptism anniversaries. We will try to get better at it with each one. Like, maybe next time we can wrap the present. Oh well.

In Texas, Felicity in particular had a ball on a little car like this. We found a similar item but designed like a train. Our girls adore trains.

Felicity has been having a ball scooting around on it. She presses the top and the balls spin around. Two levers make different sounds and the front can be twirled. The seat even opens for storage. Of course in this house we share almost everything and Cecilia has been having fun on it as well but she is big enough that the fit isn't ideal.

This works well since Cecilia has a scooter and is a pro on her tricycle but Felicity was still a bit young to pedal well on the tricycle and could only sit on the scooter. Now both are on the go. Look out Elizabeth!

Hopefully next time around I will remember to do a bit more for their Baptism anniversary. Anyone have any suggestions? Do you do anything to celebrate Baptism anniversaries? If so, what? I'm interested in ideas!


  1. I take my baptismal candle to church with me, and after mass when pretty much everyone has left I will lite it for a minute and pray a modified version of the baptismal promises. ie: "I reject eject sin,
    so as to live in the freedom of God's children... etc."

  2. What a wonderful idea! Today is my younger daughter's Baptism anniversary and I'm trying to find the ceremony that was in one of our church library books (published by Our Sunday Visitor). You light the Baptismal candle and say a prayer of thanks, maybe repeat the Baptismal promises. And what's an anniversary without a special dessert?
    There is a list of ideas for celebrating Baptism anniversaries at this site:

    For my 3-year-old godson, I try to send a gift that will encourage his spiritual development.

    Hope you and your little ones have fun! What an awesome fun faith we have!

  3. I found the Baptism Anniversary prayer (and a birthday prayer), but unfortunately, not the name of the book it came from...

    Baptism Anniversary

    Remember this, Name.
    You have been washed
    In the saving waters of baptism
    And anointed with holy oil.
    Place on your head and in your heart
    The sign of the cross of salvation.

    Loving God,
    You created all the people of the world,
    And you know each of us by name.
    We thank you for N.,
    Who celebrates the anniversary of her baptism.
    Bless her with your love and friendship
    That she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace.
    May she love her family always
    And be ever faithful to her friends.

    Grant this through Christ our Lord.
    R. Amen

    Place hands on head or shoulders of one being blessed.

    May God, in whose presence our ancestors walked, bless you.
    R. Amen.
    May God, who has been your shepherd from birth until now, keep you.
    R. Amen.
    May God, who saves you from all harm, give you peace.
    R. Amen.


    God of all creation,
    We offer you grateful praise for the gift of life.
    Hear the prayers of Birthday person, your servant,
    Who recalls today the gift of her birth
    And rejoices in your gifts of life and love,
    Family and friends.
    Bless her with your presence
    And surround her with your love
    That she may enjoy many happy years,
    All of them pleasing to you.

    We ask this through Christ our Lord.
    R. Amen.