Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going Rogue

I finished reading Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. First, let me say I don't generally read books about politics and I rarely read biographies or autobiographies. So this is an unusual read for me.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. The book begins with her childhood and background and follows chronologically until she is elected governor. Then she progresses by topic until she becomes the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Then it picks up chronologically and follows her experience through her resignation of her position as governor.

I definitely was interested in learning more about this woman who made many people adore her and most of the media foam at the mouth in rabid rage. Reading about her upbringing and life in Alaska was fascinating. I love the snow, but lived in Alaska I have not come close.

I vaguely remember the stories circulated about her in the press. I don't read or listen to much news, particularly political news. But even I couldn't help seeing headlines or hearing snippits about such nonsense as Trig not being her son or some such stupidity about her wardrobe something or other. I give the media in general very little credibility so I never thought much about what the media said about her and lowered my opinion of the media, to the extent that was possible. So I did appreciate reading her side of the story and hear her experiences throughout it all.

But my favorite part had to be reading and understanding her viewpoint. She is one of the most patriotic people I think I've heard of. She makes most of these thieves that live near me in D.C. look like the most selfish conspirators against their own country. She loves her country. She is proud to be an American. She has a passion for this country and it is not all that easy to find genuine passion about this country in a politician. I wish I had more of it. She has a worldview that is admirable and she strives to live according to the principles she believes in. She believes in a government that PROTECTS but does not try to PERFECT it's nation. She advocates national security through safe energy found here at home without destroying the environment. She sounds like a mom with whom I could set up play dates as well as a woman whom I could stand behind.

She is an inspiration. I am thankful she is an American and she makes me proud to be one too.

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  1. If you like Sarah's book, there is a free book at my site that is very informative. You used these words "conspirators against their own country". How true.