Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Psalm For Life

I was praying my Morning Prayer this morning, and one Psalm just seemed to strike me as being a prayer against abortion.
Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my arms for battle, my hands for war.
He is my love, my fortress; he is my stronghold, my savior, my shield, my place of refuge.
LORD, what is man that you care for him, mortal man, that you keep him in mind; man, who is merely a breath, whose life fades like a passing shadow?
Lower your heavens and come down; touch the mountains; wreathe them in smoke.
Flash your lightnings; rout the foe, shoot your arrows and put them to flight.
Reach down from heaven and save me; draw me out from the mighty waters, from the hands of alien foes whose mouths are filled with lies, whose hands are raised in perjury.
To you, O God, will I sing a new song; I will play on the ten-stringed harp to you who give kings their victory, who set David your servant free.  ~ Psalm 144: 1-10

We are at war. We are at war in defense of life. The unborn are the casualties and their mothers are the wounded (even if they don't always realize it). It is the LORD who prepares and equips us to fight this battle and it is the LORD who forms those soft arms and gentle hands of his unborn children to fight as his children of the Light. He is our surety, our protection and our comfort against the shouts of hatred and the evil people do.

How great is our God that he cares for even the smallest among us, even that breath that is smaller than we can see, that miracle that is the unborn human baby! Though many would disregard this life, this jewel of promise and love, no soul is beneath his notice, his care.

We call on God to come to our aid, to be at our side and to push back those who would take our lives, the lives of our unborn children, and break our hearts. Then, as the voice of that unborn precious, we beg God to let our children be born, to make safe that passage from the waters of the womb away from the lies of the pro-abortionists and the hands of those who would harm the most vulnerable.

We will sing a new song, for each new life is a new melody from heaven and we will praise our God who sets our hearts and our children free - free to live!

(Cecilia, 10 weeks unborn)

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