Friday, February 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes


Since I finished reading Palin's book, I've picked up a fiction book. I began reading E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime. I'm a big fan of the musical but I've never read the book. I find it interesting that the musical took some sentences word for word from the book but I'm likewise happy that the musical left out some of the explicit sexual references. I was not expecting some of the language I've seen so far and I'm only on chapter 3!


So I went food shopping this morning like I do every Friday. It was INSANE! I lived in South Florida for over a decade and never saw such panic over a hurricane as the people here have shown for a snowstorm. I encourage those of Michigan and Minnesota to have a good chuckle at Maryland's expense because it deserves it. The panic the media has created is shameful and the reaction disappointing. I bought the last potatoes in the store - of any kind of potatoes. There were no bell peppers. The chips, soups, hotdogs, milk, berries, breads, sodas, waffles, and meats sections all were almost completely raided of any products.The cart collecting guy told me it was even worse last night. He said they ran out of carts last night. You know those big water containers used in waiting rooms in dispensers? I saw people leaving with 5 or 6 of them! People, if you need water, here is a science lesson for you, all that fluffy white stuff you are panicking about? IT MELTS INTO WATER!

I'm still stunned.


Does anyone else have lunatic plants? I have tulips and some other flowers that began popping up through the ground 3 weeks ago. Now we are expecting a blizzard. It wasn't unseasonably warm when they popped up either. Dare I hope they will survive? What twist of nature made them want to spring up in freezing weather?


I actually don't know who I want to win the Super Bowl. I like the Colts but the Saints have never won. I think I might be in the enjoyable position of being content no matter who wins.


I watched High Society, starring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Grace Kelly, yesterday. It is a musical version of The Philadelphia Story, which starred Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Katharine Hepburn. High Society was enjoyable but I can't say I thought many of the songs that memorable and without the songs, you are back at the original film with a different cast. Now I think Grace Kelly is one of the most elegant women to ever grace the silver screen, but I think Hepburn was more endearing in the part. I also was blown away by Jimmy Stewart in the original so I can't say Sinatra did much for me by comparison. I love Bing but I also thought Cary was great in the part. In the end, I have to say I liked the original better and I think one of the key factors for me that put it on top was Jimmy Stewart. But both are enjoyable films.


This morning Cecilia said she wanted cereal. I asked what cereal and she said she wanted Fiber One. I informed her that the only Fiber One cereal we had had raisins in it, which she refuses to eat. I informed her I did have another cereal without raisins. She said, "Fiber Two?" I informed her it was actually Special K, but I love her logical jump that the other cereal would be "Fiber Two."


Eliabeth's sleep this week has really improved. She went from waking every 40 or 60 minutes to waking only a couple times a night. She went from only sleeping in our bed, to taking some naps in her crib. BUT! She figured out that, being as mobile as she is, she doesn't have to stay laying down and can, in fact, get up and move around. So, I'm beginning the task of teaching a 7 month old to voluntarily lay down and go to sleep. I'm going to begin today by putting her in her crib and giving her the chance to lay down but I know where that will probably end: she will end up sitting in her crib crying her head off tired as can be and not understanding why she is sitting there miserable. So my plan then is to bring her to our bed, which she is very familiar with, and lay down quietly with her. I'll see how it goes, but, I'm interested in hearing any suggestions or advice on how to teach a 7 month old to voluntarily lay down to go to sleep?

More Quick Takes.


  1. Wow can your 7 month old walk.
    Our little 1 year old only bottom scoots, she does not crawl and is quite content to stay cuddled up with me.
    Good luck with your goal.
    I have enjoyed your 7 quick takes
    God Bless

  2. People around here always freak out in the same sort of way at the first big expected snowstorm of the year. Clearing out the grocery stores of staples as if the'd never seen snow before.

  3. She does not walk though she does pull herself up standing and try to take steps, but she isn't walking yet. She does crawl everywhere and fairly quickly too.
    I think she sees her older sisters running and jumping and she wants to join in the fun. Thanks. God Bless.

  4. Melanie, LOL, yeah, that is like what we are seeing here now. I just don't get it.