Thursday, February 4, 2010

Small (and not so small) Successes

Celebrating the little (and big) things...

1. I've prayed the Divine Office every morning this week. Considering my girls like to get up before the roosters, doing this is especially difficult. This morning Felicity got up at 5:40 and Cecilia has been up since 6:20. Elizabeth woke up around 7:05. Throw in breakfasts, a leaky diaper and Cecilia's sore arm and you get the fact I haven't been able to brush my teeth yet. But I've prayed my Morning Prayer every morning this week and that thrills me.

2. We began formal homeschooling this week. Cecilia has been really enjoying doing "school" and our flexibility has been wonderful!

3. Elizabeth has been cosleeping for 7 months, although she has always been willing to sleep in her swing at least once a day. But this week I got her to take 2 of her 3 daily naps in her crib falling asleep on her own on her back. Some of those naps last 30 minutes but some have lasted as long as 2 hours. Wohoo!

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  1. Yippee on the naps in the bed. We co-slept with Val (she had a co-sleeper attached to my bed) so moving her to a crib was hard too. It was around 7 months too. It takes time, but one gets there!

    YEAH on the Divine Office...awesome, and the great homeschooling. You uplift me by sharing that you are praying (I need to do more)and homeschooling (I want to in the fall).

    Many blessings! Have a GREAT day!

  2. What a wonderful list, congratulations and sincere hope that Elizabeth continues to nap and Cecilia continues to enjoy school.

  3. Oh my goodness -- this is what I love about Small Successes Thursday... perfect strangers inspiring each other to holiness; being surrounded by "so great a cloud of witnesses" online. You have TOTALLY inspired me to get back into the Divine Office. If you can do it with early-riser kids, I've got no more excuses :).

    Thank you!!

  4. Great successes! Sending you prayers for good naps and great school lessons!

  5. Great job the naps! I couldn't get my second one to sleep alone until she was almost a year old! She was a terrible sleeper.

  6. Much thanks everyone. Overall it has been a pretty good week. Far from perfect but I've had much worse. It so nice to be able to celebrate with such a wonderful group of moms. Thank you so much!