Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Successes

Remembering the little things that actually got done instead of the big ones that didn't.

1. I finished cleaning out and reorganizing the closet in the girls' room. I can actually walk all the way to the back wall now!

2. This is as much James' success as mine. He got my Liturgical Yearbook files printed up and I got the pages in clear sleeves in a binder. Liturgical Yearbook: Done! (I'll put up a few pictures tomorrow.)

3. I cleaned and reorganized my bureau - clothes and everything else. I can find more than 2 pairs of pajamas now!

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  1. Um wow, those seem HUGE successes to me! Can you do my drawers and girl closets? :) You rock!

    Prayers for you!!!

  2. Closets are the bane of my sanity :). I see them and want to run. Great week!!

    Liturgical yearbook? I'm intrigued.

  3. lol, no, sorry, that was enough children's clothes for me to go through for a while. lol.

  4. Thanks to everyone!

    I'll have more about the liturgical yearbook up tomorrow. It has been a huge project for me for a long time now.